Jimin hits the red carpet in a black suit.

Jimin Wore A Ponytail During BTS' Dance Rehearsal & The Photo Will Make You Weak

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

May I present to you, a very special BTS moment. Well, every moment we see from the BTS boys is special, but on Jan. 22, the band shared a new pic to social media of Jimin rocking a ponytail, and the moment was almost too much to handle. Seriously, ARMYs are freaking out over this hairstyle, y'all. The photo of BTS' Jimin's ponytail during "Black Swan" rehearsal is everything and more.

It was thanks to the official BTS Instagram page that we were blessed with the photo in question, and it instantly grabbed up attention because (1) BTS rarely posts on IG, and (2) Jimin is wearing a ponytail! Seriously, In the black and white pic, Jimin is sitting on the floor during a dance rehearsal, with his silver hair pulled into a half-up, half-down pony look.

Now, this isn't the first time Jimin has sported a ponytail look. Fans lost it back in October 2019 when a video of Jimin's hair tossed up in a ponytail emerged online courtesy of their BTS World Tour: Love Yourself - Japan Edition DVD. Seriously, it was a full-on frenzy.

This time around was hardly any different. As soon as Jimin's most-recent ponytail moment hit the internet, Twitter fans went into meltdown mode. In case you missed it, here is the epic ponytail moment Jimin blessed us with:

The ARMY's reaction was nothing short of hysterical (in the best way). "PARK JIMIN ! WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR PONYTAIL," one fan tweeted.

All of the reactions seemed to be in agreement: Jimin was made for the ponytail look.

When BTS released their BTS World Tour: Love Yourself - Japan Edition DVD, Jimin's ponytail moment sent Twitter into chaos, but fans weren't quite sure whether to call the hairstyle a ponytail or a man bun.

Whether it's a ponytail or a man bun, one thing's for sure: Jimin's hairstyles are always fierce. He's never afraid to switch it up. Remember the time he sported pink hair and completely nailed it? Or how about the time he rocked blue hair and it just looked so right. Time and time again, Jimin has proven himself to be the ultimate chameleon when it comes to his hair, and regardless of how he styles it, it looks on-point every time.