Cancel All Your Plans & Look At These Photos Of Jimin's Hair In A Ponytail All Day

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

If you were lucky enough to snag a copy of the BTS World Tour: Love Yourself - Japan Edition DVD, you likely spotted yet another change in Jimin's appearance, but this time the focal point wasn't the color of his hair. You can stop whatever you're doing because I'm about to show you a photo of BTS' Jimin's hair in a ponytail.

The events documented in the Love Yourself - Japan Edition DVD went down in mid-2019, and fans are just now getting a look at some of the moments. Which means the Jimin from months ago has BTS ARMY swooning over a hairstyle he rocked backstage for, like, 10 seconds a million years ago.

Obviously, ARMYs went wild on Twitter and shared pictures and videos of Jimin with his then-platinum hair pulled back. Here's what they had to say. "Jimin with a ponytail ladies and gentlemen we got him," one fan wrote on Twitter. "JIMIN WITH A PONYTAIL I'M GOING FERAL MAN BUN ENTHUSIASTS RISE," another wrote. Then there was this: "OUR DREAMS AND WISHES CAME TRUE PARK JIMIN WITH A PONYTAIL AFTER SO MANY FANART AND PHOTOSHOPS WE FINALLY HAVE IT."

And the excitement just kept going, and going, and going. "So what you’re telling me is jimin puts his hair into a ponytail when he feels like it and this is the first time we’ve seen it," one fan wrote.

OK, thank you for your patience. Ladies and gentlemen, here we have Jimin with a ponytail!

There's more! Try and keep your cool while you watch him put his hair up into the ponytail.

Let's keep going, shall we?

Jimin has sported many different hair colors since BTS' debut in 2013, but it's clear this particular style took ARMYs by surprise and they aren't mad about it.

The singer has rocked silver, fire engine red, purple, pitch black, and basically any hue you can possibly imagine — and has flawlessly pulled them all off. How's that for talent?

The obsession with his appearance seemingly isn't lost on him, either. In July, Jimin toyed with the ARMY's collective emotions when he tested out a series of unique looks using an app with multiple filters that had fans drooling.

While he was likely just bored and playing around on his phone, fans wouldn't help but share their thoughts.

"Jimin we love you so much. Thank you for existing and giving us these lovely photos that make our days happier. We [love] you," one wrote.

As you can see, the ARMY is all about Jimin no matter what kind of style he's rocking, and it seems he feels the same way about his fans.

As if the ARMY didn't love Jimin enough already, he recently gushed over the thrill of being a K-Pop superstar.

During a video interview with The Hollywood Reporter in September 2019, Jimin opened up about how he draws inspiration from BTS fans and shared his favorite onstage moment.

Jimin said that when he locks eyes with audience members at their concerts it inspires him, impresses him and makes him happy. The way he delivered this feedback to his fans was equally as swoon-worthy as his ponytail. Check out the moment below!

Go ahead, scroll back up and bask in all things Jimin while we await what look he'll debut next!