Ariana Went OFF Gushing About How Epic BTS' New Choreography Is

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Ariana Grande is a proud member of the BTS ARMY and she's not afraid to show her admiration for RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. The pop star sent Arianators and fellow ARMYs wild on Twitter on Monday, Jan. 27, when she shared a story about how she got the chance to watch BTS practice some of their new choreography. Ariana Grande's tweet about BTS' "Black Swan" rehearsal will get you hype.

The 2020 Grammys might have come and gone, with epic performances from both Grande and BTS, but there's still excitement surrounding them all. It's been nearly one week since Grande just casually bumped into BTS at Grammys rehearsal, and apparently she *did not* play it cool.

Grande opened up about the experience after a fan shared a video of BTS at the Grammys gushing to Entertainment Tonight about meeting her. Here's what they had to say that caught Grande's attention.

"She’s the one right now, she's the one," RM told ET. "Ariana was practicing next to our big studio and we just knew it. She said she wanted to see our rehearsals and what we are doing and so we showed her."

What's more is that RM also put it out into the universe that they want to collab with Grande. “We [are] constantly are looking to collaborate with Ariana,” he said.

Cue Grande's absolutely adorable reaction.

"Honestly...... i was able to watch them rehearse for something and it was the most incredible thing i’ve ever seen i’m not kidding," she wrote. "I was screaming. i couldn’t stop talking about it / still can’t," she gushed on Twitter.

Considering Grande played coy about what exactly she witnessed even though BTS' Grammys performance with Lil Nas X had already went down, chances are that that something she witnessed was a sneak peek of BTS' "Black Swan" choreography.

Grande's tweet got a lot of attention from Arianators and ARMYs.

Grande and BTS' pre-Grammys interaction clearly sparked hope they will collab in the future, and from the sounds of it, Ari is all for it. Not to mention, during an iHeartRadio interview on Jan. 27, V said Grande is the one person he most wants the K-Pop group to collab with.

ARMYs are 100% in agreement, V.

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