There's A Clue On Instagram That Tyler & Gigi Are Getting Serious

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment + ABC

It’s been a quiet couple of weeks for Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid. The two haven’t been spotted together since the VMAs after-party on Aug. 26 in NYC — but don’t think that means things have fizzled out between them. Bella Hadid followed Tyler Cameron on Instagram on Sept. 4, so it looks like Tyler and Gigi’s romance is still going strong. Is this almost like a seal of approval from the Hadid fam? And does this mean the couple is officially an item now?

Tyler and Gigi first sparked dating rumors when she followed him on Instagram back in July (when, as far as the world knew, he could still have ended up with Bachelorette Hannah Brown). Then, they reportedly went on their first date on Aug. 4 at Brooklyn’s SoHo House — just two days after Tyler was photographed leaving Hannah’s Los Angeles home. Drama. Since that first date, Tyler and Gigi have been spotted at multiple NYC bars and restaurants, having dinner with Serena Williams, vacationing together in Lake George, and chilling with Taylor Swift after the VMAs. You know, just super casual couple activities. Totally NBD.

Now, Bella’s public acknowledgement of Tyler via an Instagram follow feels like a subtle endorsement of her sister’s new rumored relationship. After all, Bella only follows 345 people, so it’s not like she hits the Follow button frequently. Is it safe to say Bella and Tyler have met and gotten to know each other? Considering how close Gigi and Bella are, I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes her sister’s approval pretty seriously.

What I’m really still waiting to see, though, is when Gigi and Tyler will give the world some kind of official relationship confirmation. There was a lot of buzz about whether she might bring him to the VMAs as her date, but instead she showed up to the red carpet with Bella (in killer coordinating neutral outfits). And though the paparazzi photos basically confirm Tyler and Gigi have been hanging out a lot, there’s no concrete proof that they’re a couple. (Previously, Elite Daily reached out to both celebs' reps for comment on their rumored relationship status and did not hear back.)

When asked about his rumored relationship with Gigi on the Bachelor Party podcast on Aug. 28, Tyler quickly shut down the question. “I’m not talking about that,” he firmly noted. But he did get on Twitter earlier this week to address concerns that he had bad vibes with Hannah. “That girl deserves no shade and nothing but success. She empowers women and deserves all the accolades,” he wrote on Sept. 4. “I am grateful for our time together and all that I learned from her.” So even though Tyler and Hannah reportedly don’t talk much anymore, it sounds like they aren’t holding any grudges for everything that went down.

While Tyler and Hannah are definitely over, it looks like Tyler and Gigi are just getting started. A source told Us Weekly that the two were “inseparable” at the VMAs after-party on Aug. 26. “Tyler and Gigi were dancing all night,” the source revealed. “He had his arms wrapped around her and was kissing the back of her neck.” Tyler reportedly met many of Gigi’s friends that evening, including Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski. I feel like it’s only a matter of time until Tyler and Gigi make things offish — and until then, I’ll take every clue that I can get about this juicy rumored relationship.