5 Amazing Things You'll Only Experience Once You Become An Aunt

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There's a first time for everything. Growing up, you had a lot of firsts. There was riding your bike and having a sleepover, or going to school and taking the bus all by yourself. If your family is anything like mine, they made such a big deal about every milestone, and those firsts have become incredibly engrained memories in your mind. But, having firsts doesn't stop when adulting starts. If you have siblings, one day you might be an aunt, or maybe you're experiencing that role in life right now. Whether you officially take on the title, or are just one on an honorary basis, becoming an aunt for the first time is a once in a lifetime experience. And there's some things you'll only ever get out of having a niece or nephew.

They'll be such a little light in your life, and like your family pet or the plants that sit in your window that you're so dedicated to watering every day — your niece and nephew will hold a special place in your heart. For one, they'll always laugh at all your jokes and want to hear your stories. Embrace every moment of being a role model.

Your sibling will have to handle most of the tough situations. Aunts are naturally pretty fun people for that exact reason. Sure, you won't shy away every time it get sticky, but you'll have your own experiences now that you have a niece or nephew.

You Get To Spoil Them Endlessly

You're not just any aunt, you're a cool aunt. You've officially become the person they come to when they really want candy or something sweet. They can always count on you to take them out for ice cream, or for the cutest clothes.

Since you're not their mom, you don't quite have to worry about sending them on a sugar high, or spoiling them a little extra around the holidays. Just maybe keep that extra cone a secret between the two of you.

You Get A Practice Run

You might not have kids of your own yet, and that doesn't mean you never will. Being an aunt is a great practice run for the future, and gets you into the mindset of what it's like to be a mom.

Maybe you're on the fence about whether you want to have kids or not. Babysitting and nannying jobs are good for teaching you some of the ropes — but nothing will quite compare to spending quality time with your niece or nephew. Spend a day in your sibling's shoes and put your parenting pants on.

You Get To Be A Kid Again

We're all kids at heart, and being an aunt means you get to leave the adulting behind for a bit and just play. Your niece or nephew is just growing up, so there is still a lot of toys in the mix. You might spend your afternoons on the swings at the playground, or crafting something cute. When you're little, everything in life is a game or an opportunity to have a little fun.

Leave your stress behind, and surround yourself in it. Sometimes, getting into the mindset of a kid for a little while really puts things into perspective — and you'll be surprised that this is one of many things your little one is giving back to you.

You Get To Pass Down Your Passions

"Here's to the fools who dream." If there's one other message we can take from La La Land, it's that being an aunt gives us a chance to pass down our passions. In the film, Emma Stone plays a character named Mia, who's an aspiring actress. She got so interested in the industry because she used to go to the library with her aunt and watch old movies and write plays. The rest is a very rooted history.

Take some advice from this Oscar-nominated film, and see what insights you can give to the little one in your life. Sure, they might not totally catch on, but sharing is caring — and I'm sure they'd be down for a little story time. It'll also be a great reminder for you as to why you started and continue to be in love with what you do.

You Feel Special AF With Your New Title

We love all of our family. Sure, we don't get to pick who becomes our aunts and uncles, and which cousins we'll end up seeing more around the holidays. But, they're always there for us, nonetheless.

Being an aunt, even if it's just an honorary one, means that you take a bit more of a priority in your niece or nephew's life. You have a title now, and there's no doubt that you'll cross their mind a little more often.

We love to feel wanted and like we have solid roots. You'll feel a bit more important every time you become a source of inspiration, a shoulder to cry on, or just somebody to spend the day with. You're an aunt now, and every experience is worth embracing because they're truly once in a lifetime.