9 Cool Things To Do With Your Nephew To Spend Some Quality Time Together

Your siblings are cool to spend time with and all, but what about their kids? They're even better. Odds are, your niece and nephew are the cutest kids you know and probably love you to death (you are the cool aunt, after all). But when you want to spend some quality time, what are some cool things to do with your nephew? The possibilities are endless, but just make sure you're taking into account their attention spans and likes (and dislikes).

If your nephew is older, some of these might be not be all that entertaining for them, but you can also never go wrong with going to see a new movie or planning a museum trip! Little guys, on the other hand, can find wonder and amazement in just about anything — so you can rest assured that you'll be able to find something that they'll love to do.

These activities don't have to be saved for whenever you have to babysit, either. Take some time to really take your nephew out and get to know him better. It's a fun and different way to say "I love you," while also taking them off your sibs' hands for a bit.

Take A Trip To The Zoo Or Museum

Probably the go-to move is to take a trip to the zoo. But, it's always going to work, and most zoos are so big, they probably haven't seen all of it yet. Also, most have a kids' area, so your little guy can run around (and tire himself out for the ride home).

Museums also work because they're inside, have some amazing exhibits, and also have kid zones. Who doesn't wanna see a huge dino skeleton? I do!

Go Rollerblading

This one requires a little skill on your part. If you aren't able to rollerblade, then your nephew is sh*t out of luck, because you both will be falling over (which is not good for safety reasons).

If you're decent on the rink, this is a great time to teach your nephew something new, while also getting a workout. It's perfect for energetic little ones and rinks usually have great pizza. It's a win-win, of course.

Go See A 3D Movie

Pass the time watching something while relaxing in comfy chairs with buttery popcorn. It's nice to sit back and chill, and there are always some really good movies out, for every age group.

If you want to make it an extra-special trip to the movies, go see it in 3D or IMAX. Yes, it's more expensive, but your nephew will definitely enjoy it more (especially if it's something with action like Star Wars: The Last Jedi or with big and bright sequences like The Greatest Showman).

Hit Up Blacklight Mini Golf
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Mini golf is always a fun way to have some healthy competition while also having a ton of fun. Add in some blacklight, and you're having an all-out party for two! Mini golf is one of those things that all ages enjoy, and for the younger ones, the funky lighting and fun decorations make it all the more magical.

Laser Tag Never Disappoints

This one's definitely not for nephews who are too young, but laser tag is very similar to the mini golfing. It's fun, has great lights, and adds some competition into your nephew/aunt relationship. It's also an even bigger workout than rollerblading would be. So, grab your activewear, gym shoes, and head out to annihilate the other teams.

Try An At-Home Science Project

You can make slime, try some experiments, or grab a science craft book and follow any of those. Science crafts are perfect when you want to stay at home and do something hands-on. Again, a quick Google search will give you any instructions you need, or places like Barnes & Noble have huge sections on this stuff. It's also a way to work your nephew's brain, so that he's having fun but also learning a ton, too.

Bake And Decorate Some Goodies

Baking is also a fun, active thing to do together. Choose something super simple or that you've done before, so that he can help as much as possible (and so that you don't make many mistakes). Also, if it's cookies, cake, or cupcakes, he'll have a blast decorating his own creation at the end, so that's an added bonus.

Play With Some Sweet Pets

Local shelters or pet stores are perfect places to spend the afternoon. Oftentimes they'll have hours where you can go and pet the animals or will have policies where you can just show up and walk them or pet them. It'll teach your nephew how to treat animals if he doesn't already have one at home, and it's also just a fun time to see a whole bunch of different puppies and kittens.

Do a Little DIY-ing

Much like with the science craft or the baking, you can also go the traditional route and go to town with some construction paper, popsicle sticks, and felt. Your nephew will want to spend time with you no matter what you're doing, so if you even get a cool new coloring book, that's a great move for you two. There are plenty of DIY crafts on YouTube with excellent tutorials, or Google is always your best friend.