If You Want To Be The Cool Aunt, Consider These Cute Gift Ideas For Your Niece

Think back to your childhood. Who were some of the coolest relatives while you were growing up? Odds are, a ton would say their aunt was that dope person. Aunts have a knack for being super fun and definitely great to have around. And now it may be your turn to be someone's cool aunt. Whether you have kids of your own or not, being an aunt comes with so many perks. You get all the sweet, adorable interactions that you wouldn't trade for the world. This surely calls for some seriously good gift ideas for your niece, because how could you be the cool aunt without some presents to make their day?

Just like when you're buying a present for your best friend or even your sibling, finding the perfect gift for your niece or nephew involves knowing what they like. If they're a baby, that's easy (you just tell them what they'll like with whatever gift you give), but for toddlers and older kids, some can and will be particular. There are some ideas, though, that are super neutral and that a ton of different personality types will like. Thinking about wall decorations or silly tees can be the best options when you're at a loss. Being nostalgic with cartoon characters always usually works, too. No matter the age of your niece, these gifts should get the ideas flowing so you can win your cool aunt award again when the next gift-giving event strikes.

A Creative Pair Of Matching Shirts
Teepinch / Etsy

Aunt And Niece Matching Shirts, $36+, Etsy

Matching shirts are always the best, and with cute sayings like these, you seriously cannot go wrong. These are great, because you can choose between a onesie, toddler, or youth shirt for your niece's item, and choose your size as well. Both of these tell no lies, and you'll both look fly as heck strolling down the block.

A Cute Mug With An Even Cuter Saying
DrageynDesigns / Etsy

Out Of All The Nieces In The World Mug, $16+, Etsy

Kind of sappy, but definitely a true statement, this mug will fill your niece with butterflies knowing how much she means to you. Not to mention, this will be her go-to for cozy, hot chocolate kind of days.

It's a pretty simple gift, but the design is definitely adorable (and visually pleasing while not being tacky). The best part? You can choose either an 11 ounce or 15 ounce mug option, for all of those nieces out there who love to have their hot cocoa on refill.

A "Grown Up" Purse

Women's Top Handle With Lock Satchel - A New Day™, $30, Target

Purses are great for any age group, but especially for when your little niece is growing and wants to gain her own independence. Getting her a "training purse" is almost a necessity. Sure, you can give her a sparkly kids one (which she'll still love), but gifting her a more mature bag will have her sweet heart soaring.

This one in particular is part of the adult section, but has a fun, spring color and cut. Plus, it isn't too big. You can even get a matching one, too! There's nothing like getting a gift that reminds her of her auntie.

A Unique Hello Kitty Keychain

Hello Kitty Squishy: Half Mint Donut, $10, Claire's

Squishies are big in the kid world right now. And this adorable donut-inspired one shaped like Hello Kitty? It's a must-have. It comes in multiple colors and can be gifted to younger nieces or older ones who are fans of Hello Kitty.

Customizable Letter Board

New View 16''x16'' White Letter Board With Black Trim, $16, Target

Every girl wants to decorate her room, and this letter board will add a level of sophistication and urban vibes to a space while also allowing your niece to be cute and unique with the letters. Whether she wants to spell out a tiny quote, or put a declaration on there about it being her room, this is a gift she'll definitely adore.

A Funny Baby Onesie
ShowerTimeBabyWear / Etsy

Snuggle This Muggle Onesie, $13, Etsy

It's never too early to start your little fangirl out strong, and if you're a fan of Harry Potter, this onesie will do the trick. As an aunt, you have the responsibility of teaching your nieces and nephews the ins and outs of life, so why not educate them on muggles and wizards? Any funny onesie or shirt is a good move when buying gifts. This one just takes the cake.

A Simple, Gorgeous Necklace
Alwaysabridesmade - Etsy

Niece Personalized Necklace, $32+, Etsy

For the older nieces out there, nice jewelry is great for a present. This one allows a personalized initial and the gemstone of your choice. The little card it comes in also has a sweet message your niece will want to keep for a long time.