Ashley Graham's New Size-Inclusive Swimsuits For All Collection Has Me Dreaming Of Summer Already

Every year when the winter weather starts showing early signs of spring, my immediate first instinct is to start browsing swimwear. Something about a new bathing suit or two to jazz up my poolside attire really helps me handle the last few weeks of cold, and gets me looking forward to spring break, summer, and more. This year, I can't stop browsing Ashley Graham's Swimsuits For All 2019 Collection, and while Graham's past lines have been great, this time the pieces are above and beyond. If you're in the market for a new suit, look no further than the fab picks below.

Graham's Swimsuits For All Line really does cater to everyone, with sizes ranging between four and 24, and each of her 10 new pieces has something special to make it particularly lust-worthy. The inspo for the entire line actually came from one of the model's favorite summertime activities: rollerskating. "My mom and I used to rollerblade for miles behind the house that I grew up in," Graham said in a Swimsuits For All press release, per Bustle. "It was definitely my happy place, which inspired me to design these ‘90s retro suits and shoot this campaign."

The only thing I don't like about this line is that it's making me want to splurge on matching roller skates for these suits like, ASAP:

Which suits in particular, you ask? For starters, I'm loving the Throwback One Piece Swimsuit ($86, normally $107, as an updated take on a basic black bathing suit. The cut features cutouts on the side accented by neon orange and hot pink strips that meet in the back for a colorful lace-up moment. I also love how Ash accessorized the look with an armful of beachy bracelets. So cute!

Another standout has to be the Rewind Monokini Swimsuit ($86, originally $108, a bright coral assymetrical piece with fuchsia sash around the waist. So unique!

This retro Instagram post of Graham rocking the suit has me convinced I need should buy one immediately:

If a two-piece is more your speed, though the Hypnotic Texture Bikini ($82, originally $102, is the most vivid, vibrant blue, and the high-cut sides and scoopneck detail are both vintage-inspired and totally on trend. The best part about Swimsuits For All's bikinis? You can mix and match sizes on top and bottom, so that you get the perfect fit for your shape.

While I'm bathing suit shopping, I just might have to snag the Jinx Crop Top Cover Up ($38, originally $48, It's such a fun, sexy take on a plain white tee, and I can totally see myself pairing it with some high-waisted denim shorts. I just might have to copy Graham's ponytail in the product shot, too — I love how she stacked up the colored scrunchies for a little extra lift!

"I’m excited to see proud women of all shapes and sizes hit the boardwalk in these styles," said Graham in the brand's press release, per Bustle. And based on how cute the cuts and colors in this collection are, it's safe to say she'll see more than a few women rocking her new line come summer. Personally, I've already got the above and more added to my cart, so the warm weather can't come soon enough.