Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan Are Reportedly "Fully Dating," & I'm Not OK

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Quarantine life hasn’t been easy on all relationships (shoutout to all the couples on the struggle bus RN), but for one pilot-turned-Bachelor and his pandemic partner-in-crime, things seem to be heating up. Are Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan together, you ask? Ever since it was confirmed that the two were holed up in her Illinois apartment together, it’s been a classic will-they-won’t-they emotional rollercoaster — but this new update is promising AF: Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber are reportedly an official couple now, according to Us Weekly. While Weber and Flanagan have yet to confirm their status themselves, multiple sources recently confirmed this relationship update. (Elite Daily has reached out to representatives of both Weber and Flanagan for comment on this news, but didn't hear back in time for publication.)

“Peter and Kelley are fully dating, but they aren’t admitting it to people,” one source told Us Weekly.

One reason why they’ve reportedly been keeping their relationship status on the DL is that they’re trying to avoid getting flack — like when they raised some eyebrows (as well as health and safety concerns) while frolicking around the Windy City because they were clearly ignoring social distancing guidelines.

“She has been much more careful and has been staying in her house ever since her incident with Peter while walking on the Riverwalk in Chicago and doesn’t want to be criticized all over the internet,” the source explained, according to Us Weekly.

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Flanagan and Weber have been playing games with fans’ hearts for weeks — nay, months — now. On April 2, Bachelor alum Dustin Kendrick (who’s been quarantining with the duo) offered a glimmer of hope when he hinted in an interview with Us Weekly that their bond went way beyond friendship.

“I think it’s fair for them to come out and say what they want to say, but the only thing I can say is that they look really cute together and their interactions are really cute as well,” he told the publication. “That’s all I can say on that and I’m sure you’ll be possibly hearing stuff in the future from them, but I’ll let them say that.”

Then, on April 7, Weber appeared on the Viall Files podcast and denied that he and Flanagan were dating. However, he did admit that there was potential there.

“Are we dating? No. Do I love spending time with her? Absolutely,” Weber said in the interview. “Could I see that in the future? Yeah, of course. I’d be extremely lucky and very happy if that happened.”

Weber also admitted to Nick Viall that he’s taking it slow because he’s “the last person that needs to rush into any kind of relationship,” which, like — fair. The guy got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss during the finale, then broke off the engagement to be with runner-up Madison Prewett, who he parted ways with mere days after appearing as a couple on After The Final Rose. Basically, his love life has been a hot mess. So, it makes sense why he and Flanagan wouldn’t immediately jump into anything serious.

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All that said, this reported relationship update seems to have been a long time coming. After all, Weber and Flanagan had the most charming meet-cute of all when she serendipitously crossed paths with him before filming of his season began. Plus, even though Flanagan was eliminated before the hometown dates, she somehow managed to win over Barb — even earning a special invite to a girls’ day on IG. As you’re well aware by now, mama bear Weber has *strong* opinions (understatement of the year) when it comes to who her son dates, so that stamp of approval could be crucial.

Weber and Flanagan have had a complex history, but one person who's pulling for them is Chris Harrison.

In an April 10 interview with ET's Lauren Zima, he noted that the two have “always had this interesting connection, this interesting chemistry." Obvi, Harrison would know, since he observed them interacting over the course of the season. Not only that, but Harrison admitted that the conditions of The Bachelor weren’t ideal for Weber and Flanagan’s relationship.

"It was tough for her to not be in her own head, not to try and look into the production,” Harrison told ET. “It just didn't work for her, and that hurt their chemistry, that's why he let her go. I think them living in the real world and just dating is a better environment and a better situation. So, I’m hopeful.”

If reality TV's cupid is on board, well — so am I.