Billie Eilish, Finneas O'Connell, and Claudia Sulewski attend the AMAs.

Billie Eilish's Relationship With Finneas' GF Claudia Is Really Special

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If you're a true Billie Eilish fan, the name Finneas O'Connell will instantly ring a bell. You see, Eilish's incredible amount of talent is matched only by her brother, which is why O'Connell has become an integral part of Eilish's recording process. Not only is he her producer, but he's at Eilish's side for numerous award shows and concerts. And if you're really paying attention, you've probably seen his girlfriend, Claudia Suleweski, at his side most days, too. As O'Connell's two leading ladies, you might be wondering about the friendship between Billie Eilish and Claudia Sulewski.

O'Connell and Sulewski have been dating since October 2018, so chances are, she's gotten pretty close with the entire fam, including Eilish.

But before we delve into that, I should probably mention Twitter is convinced Eilish and Sulewski are literal twins. Between their piercing blue eyes and totally ~on point~ eyebrows, I can kind of see it. But still, the internet has taken this one a tad too far.

"So... are we just going to ignore that Billie and her brother‘s girlfriend, Claudia, look like twins?" one fan previously tweeted.

While the comparison might be a little weird for O'Connell, it looks like Eilish and Sulewski aren't losing sleep over it. The two gals have been seen hanging together a number of times.

For example, the two were cheezin' big time in this photo from May 2019, posted to O'Connell' Instagram page. The pic marked the first time Eilish and Sulewski appeared on social media together.

In June 2019, the good vibes kept on flowing when O'Connell shared this pic chilling with a bunch of his friends. Eilish and Sulewski were both front and center. "A delightful group of people to associate yourself with," O'Connel captioned the pic.

It became pretty apparent Eilish and Sulewski were hanging on a the reg when O'Connell shared this photo with the two of them in September 2019. "These are a few of my favorite things," he captioned the pic, showing his love for both ladies.

That same month, Eilish and Sulewski truly solidified their friendship with this absolutely adorbs photo of them hugging it out. Sulewski even alluded to the fact she might have a nickname for Eilish. "Squinchy," she captioned the sweet pic.

In October 2019, Eilish and Sulewski once again hung out with O'Connell and a large friend group to celebrate Halloween. Everyone in the photo looked like they were having a spooktacular time.

Oh, and just look at the three of them sharing a laugh at the American Music Awards in November 2019.

In other pics from the night, Eilish and Sulewski were seen leaning in towards each other, in the midst of an in-depth conversation. They looked closer than ever.

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The sweetest moment of all between Eilish and Sulewski, though, came after the 2020 Grammy Awards, when Sulewski shared a tribute to Eilish to congratulate her on winning big. After Eilish became the first female to dominate all four major award categories, Sulewki shared two pics hugging Eilish.

"Ignore the watermarks, your eyes should only be looking at this history making queen," she captioned the pics.

After taking a deep dive through O'Connell's Instagram page, it's pretty evident that Eilish and Sulewski hang out alllll the time, and have definitely grown into close friends. It looks like Sulewski has practically become part of the O'Connell family. (Yep, Eilish's real last name is O'Connell!)