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The Week Of April 6 Might Be A Lot More Stressful For These Zodiac Signs


If you've been feeling inhibited or suppressed lately, it's no wonder. The sun is in powerful, assertive, and dynamic Aries, encouraging you to stoke the fire in your heart and conquer your dreams. Unfortunately, as the world calls for you to stay home and social distance, you might feel as though you've got all this pent-up energy and no way to release it. I won't even attempt to sugarcoat this mess, because the fact of the matters is: It really, really sucks. It's especially going to suck if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of April 6, 2020, but that doesn't mean it won't challenge you to come up with new ideas and learn new skills in the process. If your zodiac sign happens to be Taurus, Scorpio, or Pisces, it's you who will reach the end of this week strongest of all.

Even though Aries season 2020 is a bit more subdued than it ideally should be, the cosmos have a few tricks planned. As Mars — planet of combat and ambition — squares off with unpredictable and innovative Uranus, it will be as though a lightning bolt of potential has struck. Let yourself be moved to break free from your mental confines and find a different way to get things done. If you're worried about brainstorming new ways to manage your time, you're definitely not at a loss. As Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — connects with transformative Pluto, expansive Jupiter, and sturdy Saturn, there will be no shortage of genius and courageous efforts. This is not a week to think small, because the cosmos know that you are so much more brilliant than you realize.

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Taurus: You May Have Difficulty Expressing Yourself Clearly

It's difficult deciphering how you truly feel and what you want to say, let alone actually getting the words out correctly. This week, you might find yourself speaking a different language than everyone else, possibly even leaving you feeling tongue-tied. However, this doesn't mean you're confused. In fact, you're thinking on a much deeper and more spiritual level that it just might not be the right time to translate it at the moment. Trust that your subconscious is doing so much behind the scenes. Everything will make sense sooner or later, even that bumpy conversation.

Scorpio: You Could Be Feeling Overly Emotional And Irrational

Sometimes there aren't always words to describe how you feel. It's not always easy knowing why you feel the way you do either. This week, you should give yourself permission to feel freely and unapologetically. If you try to police or overanalyze your emotions, you might make yourself feel worse (and interrupt the organic process of healing). However, that doesn't mean you should forget that your emotions do not necessarily reflect your reality. Just because everything feels disastrous does not mean you're in the midst of a disaster. Things will clear up.

Pisces: You Might Be Taking Things Way Too Seriously

When times are difficult, there are circumstances you do have control over and circumstances you don't have control over. How you choose to accept what you cannot change can make all the difference in your overall happiness. This week, practice laughing through difficulty and considering the grand scheme of things. Life is filled with inconveniences, but that doesn't mean you should let them ruin the whole parade. If you take everything too seriously this week, you run the risk of preventing yourself from having any fun whatsoever. Choose to focus on the positive end of things, and when that doesn't work, try a little bit of humor.