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The Week Of April 27 Could Be A Struggle For These Zodiac Signs


I know what you're thinking. Here comes the big bad astrology lady who wants to rain on my parade, right? Trust me, I take no pleasure in informing you that April 27, 2020 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs, but the fact of the matter is if your sun or rising sign happens to be in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you're definitely going through it (at least, according to the cosmos). With quarantine going on, I'm sure this is the last news you were hoping to hear, but I promise you everything will be OK by the time it's over. Though there may be some difficult transits heading your way, they have the power to teach you, motivate you, and encourage you to feel grateful for the things you do have.

If you're struggling to think positively during this rough time, I'm sorry to say, it might just get worse this week. With Mercury — planet of logic and thought — forming a square to cold, harsh, and lonely Saturn, it will be way easier to focus on imperfections rather than beauty. Saturn is a punishing planet and there's a reason it's associated with fatherhood, as you can always rely on Saturn for a good kick in the butt. However, Mercury squaring off with Saturn is a transit that doesn't kid around. If something is wrong, the transit will definitely help you notice, giving you the push to finally do something about it.

Who knows? There might just be a surprise awaiting you this week, as Mercury will also join forces with unpredictable and eccentric Uranus. A conversation may reveal an idea you never thought of before. You might even feel inspired to go against the grain and try something completely new. Here's how:


Gemini: You May Feel Overly Sensitive To Your Insecurities

No matter how much you prefer to keep things logical and light-hearted, you're still human. Even a Gemini is susceptible to feeling like they're not enough. If insecurity is getting the best of you this week, it's imperative that you practice self-love. Remind yourself day-in and day-out that you are loved. Honestly, Gemini, there's nobody like you. There's something so unique and irreplaceable about you that it would be a shame to measure your greatness by comparing yourself to others. You have something that nobody else has. Never forget that.

Libra: You Could Be Learning How To Deal With Failure

There's no way you'll be able to be true to yourself and make everyone happy at the same time, Libra. I know your instinct may be to sacrifice your own wellbeing in order to please others, but this week is a test. It's up to you to find the courage to do what's right for you, even if it means severing ties with someone or something no longer working in your life. Truth is, sometimes your successes happen alongside your failures. When something truly great begins, something else must come to an end. Learn how to accept that.

Aquarius: Your Home May Be An Uncomfortable Place Right Now

You're in need of some tender, loving care at the moment, Aquarius. If you don't feel truly comfortable in your living space or you're engaging in conflict with some of your family members, it will be difficult to avoid this week. Even if you're faced with one obstacle after another, you'll realize exactly what needs to be done in order to make your reality more comfortable. Work on soothing tensions and investing in your home environment. Do whatever needs to be done in order to feel loved, even if that means simply choosing to love yourself. Believe it or not, you deserve it.