This Rooftop Happy Hour Is For The 'Gram & Will Bring You Back To Studying Abroad

Let's be honest: Most of the time, when you're staring off into space in the middle of work or school, you're daydreaming about your semester abroad. You're imagining the cobblestone streets, the fresh bread being carried from one family-owned restaurant to the next, and the chocolate gelato in the windows near the leather shops. You're picturing the apartment you called home and the sweet nights you spent laughing in the Italian squares with your best friends. If you could relive those epic months, you totally would. Let me tell you about Aperitivo Tuesdays at PHD Terrace, then. The experience is a total Instagram paradise and will bring you back to your study abroad days.

From the moment you walk through the flower tunnel at this beautiful terrace, you'll be transported back to the beauty and flavors of Italy. You'll be surrounded by spritzers and other delicious menu items. Not to mention, you'll feel totally removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, and immersed in the relaxing, creative, and fun-filled atmosphere of Positano.

You'll want to fill your camera roll with pictures, like you did when you studied abroad, and spontaneously buy a plane ticket to the picturesque views and pastel-colored houses nestled into the coastline. But, before hitting the purchase button, you'll decide to come back for another Aperitivo Tuesday at PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown instead. Good choice, and here's why.

Courtesy of PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown

Aperitivo Tuesdays Positano Edition at PHD Terrace aren't only about bringing what you love from your semester abroad closer to home. They're also meant to give you and your besties a much-needed break from the "real world," with a nostalgic and magical experience at an epic rooftop. If you ask me, that's pretty #necessary and sweet, so take advantage of the offer while it still stands.

Head to the rooftop on any and every Tuesday from 5 to 6 p.m. during the summer. There, you'll find a beautiful space that's surrounded by skyscrapers, and been re-designed to look and feel like an Italian paradise. You'll find a floral tunnel that's perfect for your next Instagram post, canopies, and custom mosaic tiles on carts with chilled beverages.

Everywhere you look, there will be a decor detail or gourmet cheese you don't want to miss. The best part? During that hour, the bar will offer $5 Spritz Violette cocktails along with tasty and complimentary aperitivo-inspired bites in oversized boat platters, which are available until 8 p.m. The boats are filled with Italian meats, cheeses, crudité, and homemade bread.

If you're still feeling hungry, you can dive into the full menu of specialty items that are available all week long. Let's get into what your tastebuds can expect, shall we?

Courtesy of PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown

The menu at PHD Terrace is going to look very familiar if you studied abroad, traveled to Italy on a vacation, or simply love food from this beautiful country. For food, the rooftop is offering a sweet pea and ricotta crostini for $12, a seafood ceviche shooter for $15, and zesty lobster and endive leaves for $18. (Can somebody say, "Yum?") For drink, the menu is expansive, with items like a refreshing frozen Negroni or a Pompelmo Rosa for $18, or a cocktail called "The Mediterranean," which combines Bacardi rum, lime juice, pineapple, and coconut berry Red Bull.

In addition, you and your besties can treat yourself to a spritz flight for $85, with a choice of any four flavors, from cucumber and lime to ginger and lemon. It's served with one bottle of prosecco, and will be begging to be on your Instagram feed.

Keri Tan for PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown

So, what are some pictures you can take in this Instagram paradise? The options are endless, so make some space in your camera roll and be sure to download the best preset packs of the season, too. Once you've done that, you can start snapping selfies in the floor-to-ceiling flower tunnel, and taking close-ups of your colorful drinks that are topped with slices of lemon. You can pose with your lobster and endive leaves, or hold your aperitivo snacks against the skyline.

Personally, I'd get a pic or two with the "Aperitivo Tuesdays" sign and post it on social media for all of my study abroad friends to see. That'll transport them back in time and space, and into their memories of walking down cobblestone streets and eating scoops of gelato — or maybe it'll convince them to come to the city for a round of Italian drinks and gourmet dishes at PHD Terrace.