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People Are Searching For This Kind Of Home On Airbnb RN & It's A Big Mood

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The coronavirus pandemic has halted travel plans around the world, and mandated that people stay home in order to keep their communities and loved ones safe. But, wanderlust and the idea of traveling safely at a later date has led many travelers to search for dreamy cabins in the woods, or remote beach bungalows, and put these accommodations on their "wish lists." It's seen in Airbnb's most searched types of homes for May 2020 — which reveal where in the world wanderlusters like yourself are hoping to go one day.

There is a lot of emphasis on the "one day" right now, because when you do travel, you want to make sure it's in line with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and travel advice issued by the World Health Organization. You want to know what guidelines to follow in the airport and which destinations are open to travelers before booking anything. In the meantime, though, you can satisfy your travel-loving heart with the "wish list" feature on Airbnb, and save homes in the spirit of globe-trotting at another time.

According to recent internal data from Airbnb, many people are turning to this feature. The types of homes they're saving? Rustic cabins, beachy houses, and chic places to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or wedding. Their daydreams are bringing them to nature-loving locations, and listings they can peacefully enjoy with someone they love.

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The increase is rustic stays is probably the most notable. Travelers might be looking to disconnect and travel to areas where there may not be a lot of people. The data from Airbnb notes that homes such as cabins surrounded by lush forests and pristine lakes were the second most searched by guests in the U.S. from May 1 to 11, 2020. Globally, the same type of home is in the top 10 most wish-listed spaces, and is being included in users "wish lists" at a growth rate of over 20 percent per week.

Most of these searches are for two guests looking to get away together, and hit the "refresh" button in a place that's driving distance from home. They include A-frame cabins like Tye Haus in Skykomish, Washington — which would be a perfect setting for an indoor photo shoot, completed with a preset pack and a post on Instagram — and a slightly quirky home based in Idyllwild-Pine Cove, California. In addition to these spaces, the company is finding a tucked away cabin with romantic lighting, and any home with modern amenities like a hot tub and an outdoorsy feel to be very popular.

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Accommodations with stunning views of the shore or are close to water aren't far behind. The word "beach" has been the top keyword on Airbnb in the past 60 days, when guests are looking to create a wish list. Others include "birthday" and "wedding." The company sees this as a signal that users are looking to celebrate their missed milestones and chill with the sun once traveling is permitted again.

To give you a taste, some homes on Airbnb that have pristine beach access include this private island (Yes, you read that right.) where you can roam with your people, and pretend you're a group of villagers in Animal Crossing. There's also this lovely oceanside apartment in Malibu, California that'll make for a sweet place to hunker down in for a while.

Whether you decide to take some days off of work in the future to head to a cabin in the woods or a scenic beach home, one thing is very clear: You're probably in no rush to be around people in a big city, but excited to travel again with your loved ones by your side. Go forward safely and mindfully, OK?