The Savage X Fenty August Drop Includes A Tie-Dye Print That Couldn't Possibly Be More On-Trend

Hi, I'm not ashamed to admit that I've bought myself not just one, but multiple Savage X Fenty lingerie sets, for absolutely no reason at all. Between the sexy styles, the inclusive sizing, and Rihanna looking like fire in all the promo shots, I literally can't resist it — and when I laid eyes on the new Savage X Fenty tie-dye print, I knew right away another order would soon be placed. Tie dye is absolutely everywhere right now, and even though no one but me will know I'm wearing it (#ForeverAlone, not that anybody asked!), I still want to treat myself to some fun tie-dye goodies. Oh, and pretty much everything else in this new drop, too. So good.

This summer, Riri blessed us with some hot girl glam courtesy of Fenty Beauty, gave us some straight-up stunning pieces for our dream wardrobe via her new luxury clothing line, Fenty, and now, she's about to drop a new crop of lingerie to make our August that much sexier. This woman never stops giving! My truest dream is to wear a full Fenty outfit with my Savage X essentials underneath, and have my face beat to the gods courtesy of my Fenty Beauty staples, all while listening to a new Rihanna album. Sadly, this is no more than a pipe dream, as I def can't afford Riri's luxe label, and there's no new album in sight.Nevertheless, I can still rock Fenty Beauty and Savage X, and the August drop looks great.

This time around, the brand went in on fun colors, patterns, and textures. Peep the lavender leopard lace on Riri below. A mood:

Suddenly, I'm looking at all my basic AF nude and black bras and wondering why I don't have a lavender one...hmm. Might have to fix that!

And of course, the one you've all been waiting for, the tie dye set. Oh my gosh, she really slays in this one:

Never in my camp counselor dreams did I ever once think tie-dye could look ~hot~, but lo and behold, the first official hot girl summer just so happens to coincide with this year's tie-dye trend, and Riri saw an opportunity and took it. I'm not mad! The pattern is called the "Groovy" print, and I honestly can't think of a better name.

It looks like the Groovy pattern will be available on the Glissenette Unlined Bra ($44,, which you can currently shop in shade "Blue Lapis" on the site:

Me, already planning to buy the tie-dye Glissenette set and recreate a less-hot version of Riri's campaign image for the 'Gram:

Want in on the action? Let's talk August drop deets! Along with the Groovy set, the new launch will also include crotchless panties (Rihanna, ma'am, you stay doing the most!) and a new Xtra VIP box for members only, per Bustle. It all goes live for non-members on August 1 at midnight, so set an alarm and snag your fave pieces to partake in hot girl summer Riri-style. Make her proud!