Leslie Knope & Liz Lemon Could Join Forces For A New Spinoff & This Is Not A Drill


In the thick of reboot mania, Tina Fey has an idea that can bring back not one, but two beloved sitcoms of the past decade. Both 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation are constantly being brought up with talks of a reboot these days, and since stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are also frequent collaborators and besties in real life, Fey thinks that maybe they can just combine the two shows into one glorious new crossover series. Yep — a Parks & Rec and 30 Rock spinoff could happen, and I cannot stop thinking about how amazing Liz Lemon teaming up with Leslie Knope would be!

Tina Fey pitched the idea of combining her beloved NBC sitcom with her friend Amy Poehler's beloved NBC sitcom for a crossover reboot during red carpet interviews at the Tony Awards this Sunday. When an Entertainment Tonight reporter asked Fey about bringing back 30 Rock, she understandably responded that she kind of has her hands full with her hit musical Mean Girls, but did float the idea that she and Poehler could join forces for a joint reboot:

Amy's (Poehler) willing to do a Parks & Rec reboot. Maybe we should just do a Liz Lemon, Leslie Knope spinoff.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK, now that dream show is all I can think about. It can be called Parks & Rock, or maybe just Liz & Leslie. Although I don't really know how Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope would organically be put together — does Leslie take a government job in New York and meet Liz somehow? Or does Liz relocate to Pawnee or D.C. for some reason? Well, I'm sure they can work that stuff out if they really want to make this crossover work.

Both 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation have been the focus of reboot rumors for some time now, based mostly on the fact that they are two of the most beloved comedy shows of the past few years and pretty much everything else is getting rebooted. Last year, NBC's entertainment chairman revealed that he has extended an open invitation for Tina Fey to bring back 30 Rock whenever she wants, and more recently Jane Krakowski said there are still talks about bringing the show back and that it would be a dream come true to revisit those characters. Despite that, there are still no official plans to revive 30 Rock.

Similarly, Parks & Recreation has been stirring up reboot rumors recently. Earlier this year, Nick Offerman said he would be on board for a Parks & Rec reboot, and Amy Poehler recently admitted that the whole cast would be down to return to Pawnee one more time. The small snag in a potential Parks & Rec reboot is figuring out the time period within the show to focus one: the series finale went full Six Feet Under and jumped into the future lives of each main character.

It seems clear that NBC is down to bring back either show, so a combination of the two would probably be cool with the network as well. NBC has already revived one of its classic sitcoms Will & Grace, and it sounds like that The Office reboot might actually happen as well. Plus, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's comedic chemistry has been proven time and time again, both on the small screen on Saturday Night Live and as Golden Globes hosts, and on the big screen in movies like Baby Mama and Sisters. A chance to pair them up again and bring back two iconic shows at once feels like a total dream. Hopefully, Fey was not kidding when she floated that idea of Liz Lemon meeting up with Leslie Knope!