A 'Harry Potter' TV series is reportedly in development at HBO Max.

A 'Harry Potter' Series Is Reportedly In The Works At HBO Max Right Now

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It sounds like it's almost time to board the Hogwarts Express once again. Potterheads have been hoping for a new live-action addition to the vast, magical world of Harry Potter for years — now, those dreams might become a reality, because a Harry Potter series is reportedly in the works at HBO Max. There aren't a lot of details about the potential series yet, but the news should definitely excite fans.

According to a rep from WarnerMedia (which owns HBO Max and the studio that produced the original movies), "there are no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform." However, on Monday, Jan. 25, The Hollywood Reporter cited an anonymous source stating HBO Max was searching for writers and pitches for a new series set within the Harry Potter world. So, it sounds like, if anything, the potential show is in very early stages.

With reboots and spinoffs on the rise in the streaming world (and HBO Max in particular), a Harry Potter series seems inevitable. Not only are HP and HBO Max both WarnerMedia properties, but also, when the streamer launched in the summer of 2020, it briefly became the streaming home for all eight Harry Potter movies.

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While a new TV series set in the Harry Potter world is news that would have been met with unequivocal excitement a few years ago, as it stands now, the fandom had a split reaction to the new reports. Throughout 2020, Harry Potter creator J. K. Rowling was at the center of public scrutiny due to consistently tweeting anti-trans statements. When news of the potential new series broke, Rowling's name became a trending topic on Twitter as fans of the franchise stated they would not watch the show since Rowling would make money from it.

The reported series is already divisive and it's sure to get even more attention if HBO Max confirms it's happening. Since it sounds like the possible series is still in extremely early stages, though, don't expect to hear any big news for a while.