A Bride Read Her Cheating Fiancé’s Texts Instead Of Her Vows, Redefining "Read Receipts"

What do you do when you find out your husband-to-be has been having an affair mere hours before you’re supposed to tie the knot? You could call off the wedding, of course. But wouldn’t that be a waste when the big day has already been paid for, and the guests are already in town? And what better revenge than to confront the SOB at the altar, amiright? Recently, a bride read her cheating fiancé’s texts in place of her vows, and the Internet is obviously buzzing with praise for her undeniably savage move.

Picture this: You’re enjoying some bubbly with your besties in a glamorous hotel room. In merely one day, you’ll be saying “I do” with your SO of six years — or so you think, anyway. All is good in the world. Then, with a buzz of your phone, your entire dream of marital bliss crashes and burns. As you open a text from a number you don’t recognize, you begin peeling through screenshots of graphic messages from your fiancé — to another woman — as well as selfies of the pair. It may sound too horrific to be true, but all of this actually happened to one Australian woman.

Quick question: Are you sitting down? Is there a glass of wine within reach? Because the messages she was sent are straight up cringe-worthy.

“Your body is fucking incredible. And sh*t do you know how to use it. I wish my GF had half the skills you do.” “I miss you so much. I can’t stop thinking about L, S, F’ing you. I’ve never had this kind of connection before.” “This weekend. You and I. It is on, hot stuff. Bring your A game.”

These are just a sampling of some of the gut-wrenching, heart-stabbing messages the bride-to-be had to read on her wedding day (#speechless). The exchanges were dated to months back, and some had happened as recently as days before. The screenshots also came with an accompanying piece of advice: I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?

Every word like a dagger in my heart and my wedding was only hours away. How could I cancel when everyone had already travelled to be there and everything was paid for?” The bride, who chose to remain anonymous, told Whimn reporter Danielle Colley. “I burst into shamed and broken tears. My girls were threatening all manner of violence against him. They insisted I call him immediately and call the wedding off. But I loved Alex. I wanted to marry Alex tomorrow. I was too shocked and sad to be angry. I didn’t call him.”

Unsurprisingly, the woman says she didn’t sleep at all the night before her wedding day. After tossing and turning over what to do, she announced to her girlfriends that she would go through with the wedding — and then “out” her cheating partner in front of all of their loved ones.

“I walked down the aisle with leaden feet, my dream dress now just a costume,” she explained to Whimn. “As he saw my face he knew this was not an ecstatic woman on her big day, but he had no idea what was coming.”

When she arrived at the altar, she took a deep breath and faced the crowd.

"There will be no wedding today," she reportedly announced.

“It seems Alex is not who I thought he was,” she told Whimn. “A ripple of shock went through the crowd and Alex tried to grab my hands but I put down my flowers to reveal my phone in my hand. I read every single message she sent me. With each word, more colour left Alex’s face. I let my weeping eyes rise and meet his, and he had not one thing to say. He stalked out of the church with his best man trailing behind him. His family looked on, horrified.”

Remarkably, it seems the ballsy bride-to-be still handled the brutal situation with total class. She held her head high, thanked the crowd for coming, and explained that while there would be no wedding reception today, instead, there would be a “celebration of honesty, finding true love and following your heart even when it hurts.”

“It was certainly not the wedding day I had planned but to our credit, it was one hell of a party,” she said, according to Whimn.

This bride may not have gotten her happily every after, but here’s hoping she got her money’s worth of champagne — and better yet, peace of mind that she dodged a serious marital bullet. Cheers to the ones who have the courage to say, “I don’t,” to people who prove undeserving of an “I do.”