A couple embraces each other on their wedding day while dressed up and standing outside a cozy home.
9 Wedding Photographers To Follow On Instagram For Pure Romance & Bliss

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Whether you're getting married soon to the love of your life, or you get heart eyes for everything related to relationships, one thing is clear: There are social media accounts you seriously need to follow. These include dreamy venues, florists, makeup artists, and all the wedding photographers to follow on Instagram who capture romance and bliss on the reg.

Their photos are some of the most stunning content you'll see on your feed. They capture couples walking through the desert with a gigantic bouquet of flowers right after saying their vows, or in front of an epic waterfall on the West Coast. Some have a vintage vibe because they were taken on an old school camera or edited with the perfect amount of grain. Others are as elegant as can be, and ready to be turned into a coffee table book or beautiful photo album.

Whatever style they may be in, they capture a couple's special day at its finest — bringing endless amount of life to moments you never want to forget. They make every kiss, hug, first look, or laugh last a little bit longer. Here are the nine wedding photographers you should really be following for romance, bliss, and stunning pics.

Abby Anderson (@abbyandersonphoto)

First up is a photographer who will have you reaching for the box of tissues or cheesing from the other side of the screen: Abby Anderson. She has a way of capturing the most beautiful moments and editing them to make them look incredibly ~artsy~. Follow her to see couples celebrating their big day in underrated destinations around the country.

Mecca Ray-Rouse (

Mecca Ray-Rouse combines the best of adventuring and photography when it comes to capturing weddings. Based in Oregon, she brings couples to vineyards, beaches, waterfalls, and more to snap pics of their love story. If you follow her, you may be inspired to book a trip to the West Coast (or venture to a mountain in your wedding dress).

Emily Prada (@emilypradaphoto)

Wedding and elopement photos are Emily Prada's speciality. If you need someone to make your wedding day feel like a real-life Vogue cover, then she's your person. Whether she's snapping pics in a city or on a beach loaded with palm trees, she spots epic moments and documents them for life.

Tarmine Guichette (@tarmineguichette)

Tarmine Guichette is a pro at capturing relationships in a romantic and minimalistic way. Her account is filled with photos that will make you reach for the tissues and your heart skip a beat. The best part? Every single one is worthy of being in a frame and showing off to friends and family.

Kaytlin Dargen (@kaydargs)

Wedding photos reach their dreamiest form on this photographer's feed. Kaytlin Dargen edits every photo to look like it's taken at golden hour, or with a cotton candy snack in mind. If you follow her, you won't be disappointed and will likely purchase her preset pack.

Natalie Hills (@nataliehillsphoto)

Good vibes and times is what Natalie Hills's photography is all about. Whether she's taking photos of a '70s-inspired wedding in the desert, or a couple who's hanging out in Joshua Tree National Park, she finds the right lighting to make a moment feel, well, absolutely perfect. Everything she posts is so chic and effortlessly sweet.

Kortni Maria (@kortnimaria)

Cool colors combine with warm love on Kortni Mara's feed. This wedding photographer, who's based in New York, has a fairly relaxed look to her photos, and captures timeless scenes. Some of her photos have a more editorial look, too, that'll make you want to chill with a copy of InStyle. So, what are you waiting for? Follow her for magazine-style pics and glances into everlasting love.

Briana Nolan (@bn_______)

Briana Nolan's photos are the definition of adventure. They're always showing a couple doing something cool or in a place that's worthy of a honeymoon. Following her means signing up for pics that are begging to be on your coffee table, and will fuel your love for travel with every double-tap.

Emily Savage (@emsavs_)

Last but not least is a photographer and graphic designer who brings vintage vibes into almost every photo she takes. Emily Savage posts unique and love-filled pics, and brings the warm colors of New England to life. Following her and watching her couples bloom on the 'Gram will remind you to grab a camera and reimagine the spaces around you.

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