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9 Reasons Halloween Is The Sexiest Holiday Full Of Tricks & Treats

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There are few things I love more than dressing up. As a dancer, I've worn countless costumes throughout my lifetime, and yet somehow, the novelty has yet to wear off. That's probably why I love Halloween so much — as an anxious introvert, Halloween gives me a chance to liberate myself and become someone else for the night. Even if I don't always feel strong and sexy, I can assume the identity someone who is, even if it's only for one night. Of course, getting to wear a costume is only one of the reasons Halloween is the sexiest holiday.

As a Scorpio, I love all things dark, mysterious, and eerie, and no holiday encompasses the interests of the sexiest zodiac sign quite like Oct. 31. You don't even have to wear an overtly sexual costume to give off sexy vibes on Halloween night. Whether you're trying to catch the eye of a cutie or want to transform yourself into someone totally unrecognizable, my favorite holiday is all about expressing yourself while, ironically, becoming someone else. With its surplus of all things sweet and its lack of judgment or inhibitions, here's what makes Halloween the most drop-dead sexy holiday of the year.

Masks Are Sexy

As great as A Cinderella Story is, I think we can all agree Austin Ames should have been able to recogonize Sam Montgomery behind that masquarade mask at the Halloween dance. But he didn't, and would she have had the confidence to approach him if he had? Costumes are a disguise, and when you add in a mask, wig, face paint, or even dramatic makeup, people may not know who you are at all. Though I'm not suggesting you purpose try to trick anyone on Halloween night, a little anonymity can be a nice treat.

You Can Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone For The Night

Do you usually dress pretty conservatively? Would you sooner shave your head than permanently dye your hair pink? Oct. 31 is your chance to style yourself in a way you'd never dare any other day of the year. Try a smokey eye. Paint your nails lime green. Halloween is all about pushing the envelope, and adopting a look that is totally unlike your own can make you feel pretty bold and brassy.

You Have A Good Excuse To Try Role Play

Couples costumes may be the bane of every single person's existence, but if you're in a relationship, dressing up together allows you to take your new personas back to the bedroom after the night is over. To make it extra fun, you can really commit to your roles and remain in character throughout the night. Single people, you don't have to be excluded from the fun — even if you go out alone, you can bring a cutie back home with you and play your role until it's time for those costumes come off.

You Can Go Out Scantily Clad Without Judgment

As Cady Heron wisely said in Mean Girls, Halloween is the one time of year when you can go out for the night in lingerie and some form of animal ears and no one else can say anything about it. It doesn't matter whether your idea of a sexy outfit includes leather, lace, short hemlines, or low-cut tops — Halloween is your chance to wear whatever makes you feel sexiest without letting insecurities or self-censure hold you back.

Group Costumes Are Confidence Boosters

The bigger your clique is when you head out for a night, the more confident you're likely to feel. That sexy self-assurance is even stronger on Halloween night if you and your crew decide to coordiate your costumes. You may not be willing to don a pair of fishnets and fake eyelashes alone, but if your three BFFs agree to dress up with you, you'll be much more inclined to take a risk. The only thing sexier than someone who's feeling themselves? A whole group of people feeling fine AF.

Halloween Parties Are All About Mood Lighting

The dimmer the lights, the cooler the party. It's unlikely that you'll find a Halloween party where the lights aren't way down low, and being away from the unforgiving glare of bright lights can make anyone feel freer. You can dance like no one is watching. You can kiss a hottie without worrying about stares. If your makeup runs, who cares? It's unlikely anyone will even notice.

Chocolate Is An Aphrodisiac

It's been debated for years, and though it's said that that chocolate's aphrodisiac properties are limited, it does contain phenylethylamine — a stimulant that elicits excitement and a sense of well-being. Everyone knows that — no matter how old you get — candy is one of the best parts of Halloween, and everyone knows that the best candy is made with chocolate. You may not feel super down to have sex after eating a dozen Reese's Cups in one sitting, but a little bit of chocolate can actually get you feeling frisky.

Getting A Little Scared Is A Major Turn-On

"Sexy" and "horror" are not as expected a pairing as say, chocolate and peanut butter (sorry, now I've got Reese's on the brain), but think about it: Sex and thrills both get your heart pumping. There's a reason why people pay money to ride on rollercoasters and have zombies jump out at them on hayrides. Feeling frightened when there isn't actually anything major at stake is a thrill. Nothing brings people closer together than getting creeped out together, and a night of chills makes everyone eager to bring someone home with them — for protection, of course.

It Falls Within Scorpio Season

Scorpios are the sex-loving sign of the zodiac, so it makes sense that Scorpio season is the sexiest of the year. Every sign tends to feel a little more randy and ravanous between Oct. 23 to Nov. 22, which is when the sun transits through sexy, intense Scorpio. If you find yourself feeling an unfamiliar magnetic energy during that time, don't question it — just let it happen (and let it guide you while you're out on Halloween night).

There you have it, witches. You can try to argue that Valentine's Day is more sensuous or the winter holidays are more romantic, but I stand by my claim that Halloween is the sexiest and I won't be convinced otherwise.

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