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Why Halloween Is The Best Time To Role-Play Your Sexiest Fantasies

Role-playing is in, my friends. And with Halloween just around the corner, you should use the holiday as an excuse to kill two birds with your costume.

Don't just wear it. Bring it into the bedroom, too! After all, we're all encouraged to be our wackiest, weirdest selves on October 31, so why not step outside of your comfort zone and pretend to be someone you're not when seducing your SO?

If you're blanking on who exactly to dress up as, though, we can give you some ideas.

According to the 2015 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, the number one character that millennials love to role-play as is a stripper. I mean, duh! There's a reason people flocked to "Magic Mike," right?

After strippers, 13 percent of millennials like acting out a school girl scenario, and 12 percent report being into "Fifty Shades of Grey"-type role-playing. (Hmmm... I guess I should check that movie out to see what all the rage is about.)

Eighteen percent of guys say they enjoy the school girl role-play scenario.

As for the differences between genders, 18 percent of men say they enjoy the school girl role-play scenario the most (surprise, surprise), while 20 percent of women enjoy pretending that they and their partners are strangers. It goes along with that ~mysterious~ man attraction.

Not only can taking on a different persona in the bedroom be a serious turn-on for you and your SO, but experts say it can also be a really healthy practice, too.

It indicates that you both feel physically and emotionally safe enough within your relationship and with each other to push your boundaries and explore your deepest, sexiest fantasies.

That totally makes sense to me — I only save the ~good stuff~ for a guy I feel really comfortable with.

So, this Halloween, once you're done trick-or-treating or hitting up your bestie's costume party, you don't necessarily have to hang up your costume.

You can put that sexy cop costume to good use and run wild with it, girl.