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9 Holiday Gifts For Your Pet That Are Too Sweet To Pass Up On


When someone says the holidays are a time for family, that also includes your four-legged family members. Your dog and cat deserve to get into the holiday spirit just as much as you, and honestly, you can't wait to spoil them with presents. You may already have your sights set on a brand new treat or a cute sweater to get your furry friends. There are plenty of items to consider, including this list of holiday gifts for pets.

Seeing your dog or cat happy only makes you happier, so why not get a gift you know your pet will really enjoy? Sure, they may be just as happy with some extra snuggles — and they'll certainly get them — but seeing their excitement when they receive a fun surprise is so priceless. And think of the amazing pictures you'll snap of them opening up their gift.

You may decide to upgrade their collar, or give them a cozy new blanket. Perhaps a new plus bed or fun toy will do the trick. All you need to do is add any of these nine gifts to your cart now and be prepared for tons of wet kisses, tail wags, and furry hugs that are sure to come your way.

This Brunch Set Is Everything You & Your Fur Baby Need

This "Brunch Squad" gift set from Chewy is too sweet to pass up on. Not only will your pup get a brand new chew toy, but you can treat yourself to a matching coffee mug as well. That way, you'll both look super cute when you're brunching and munching at home on the weekend.

A Stylish Pup Needs A Stylish Collar

The start of a new year calls for a brand new collar, of course. Go for something super stylish like this charcoal striped collar from Chewy. It'll look cool any day of the week, but the best part is that it's comfortable and made with 100% cotton.

This Wall-Mounted Cat Bridge Is So Purrfect

If you have a cat who likes to explore, consider getting them something adventurous like this wall-mounted cat bridge they can totally chill out on. Your cat will be the envy of all the other cats in your friend group.

This Festive Tie Was Made For The Dapper Pup

For your holiday card photo shoot and festive parties, you might want to give your pup a brand new outfit. A cute sweater or Santa hat is always a solid choice, but take it a step further with this LED tie. Just think of how dapper your pet will look.

A New Brush Is Always A Good Idea

For a long-haired cat, brushing is necessary. Though, sitting your cat down for grooming can be difficult AF. That's why I can't recommend the FURminator more. I use this on my cat and she actually loves it.

A Dog DNA Test Can Teach You So Much About Your Pup

Not only will a DNA test help teach you more about your pup's breed, but according to Wisdom Panel, they'll send you a comprehensive report with your pup's health info as well.

A Stylish Bandana Can Give Your Pup Extra Coolness

A cool bandana is an easy choice, especially if you choose one to match your holiday outfit or PJs. Your pooch can rock it proudly all day long, because you know they'll look super adorable.

Your Fur Baby Will Love Snuggling Up In A Comfy Comforter

The best time of day is cuddling with your pup, so you might want to give them a brand new comforter this holiday. This super cute dog comforter from The Company Store is made just for your pup, and you can use it for every movie night this winter.

A BarkBox Subscription Is An Exciting Surprise

Get your dog a gift that keeps on coming with a BarkBox subscription. Depending on your subscription, your dog can get a box sent to them every month that's filled with new toys and treats.