The 9 Best Insta Walls At Disney World For Blogger-Worthy Pics

When you think of Disney World, I'm sure you think of the Mickey Mouse, Space Mountain, yummy churros, and the magical firework display that fills up the night sky. Those are all perfect Instagram opportunities, but for your next trip, you need to make sure to scope out some of the best Instagram walls at Disney World. As one of the most Instagrammed destinations across the globe, Disney knows how to take your vacay photos from great to incredibly fairy tale-worthy.

Across all four theme parks in Florida — Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot — you can find some vibrantly painted walls that make for awesome backdrops for your next Insta pic. So, get your poses ready. From the famous purple wall to some new gems in the recently opened Toy Story Land, you're sure to stumble on an Instagrammable wall that catches your eye. You could even make it a point to visit all nine of these walls as a Disney 'Gram scavenger hunt with your girl crew.

The best part about Disney World is it's always changing. I'm sure there are a ton of walls yet to be discovered, so on your next vacay, maybe you can discover your very own special Instagram-worthy wall.

The Purple Wall In Tomorrowland
Rachel Chapman

Just like Mickey was the mouse who started it all, this is the iconic colored wall that pretty much kicked off the Disney Instagram wall trend. The purple wall is so famous, they even made a purple wall slush just for it. Snap a pic in your Minnie Mouse ears sipping your purple drink. To find this infamous wall, you just have to look right outside Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom.

The Moss Wall In Pandora
Rachel Chapman

Pandora, The World of Avatar, is something out of this world. I don't know much about the movie Avatar, but the land Disney has created in their Animal Kingdom park truly took my breath away when I saw it for the first time. Everything in this land is Instagram-worthy, so make sure you have some free space on your phone before visiting, because you'll want to take a lot of pictures.

Of the many things you'll see around are these green moss-covered walls. They make for the perfect backdrop for your next Insta pic. These moss walls are everywhere in Pandora, but I personally like to find ones that have some purple and other colors present for a pic that really pops.

The Bubblegum Wall In Epcot
Rachel Chapman

The Bubblegum Wall at Epcot is probably my fave because I love pink, and this wall has both a millennial pink shade and a more vibrant one. This wall is a little tucked away, so you have to be on the lookout to find it. As you enter Epcot, you'll see this gem at either of the exits to the Spaceship Earth ride (aka, the big golf ball).

The Popsicle Stick Wall In Toy Story Land
sarahgilliland on Twitter

Toy Story Land recently opened at Hollywood Studios, and I can't wait to visit it. The immersive land makes you feel like you've been shrunken down into a toy, just like Woody and Buzz. As you explore the area, you'll find things like the Slinky Dog Dash coaster, a restaurant inspired by Woody lunch box, and even giant popsicle sticks. Snap a pic in front of the sticks with all of your besties, and don't forget to caption it with, "You've got a friend in me."

Carousel Of Progress Wall In Tomorrowland
alexxandriiia on Twitter

If you've been on the Carousel of Progress ride at Disney World, I'm sure you can't think of it without getting the song stuck in your head. According to Disney Parks, this iconic ride is one of the OGs that Walt Disney built for the New York World's Fair back in 1964.

Now, this ride got a major Instagram upgrade on the exterior with a green, pink, and blue paint job. This colorful wall is just waiting for you to take a pic in front of it, and caption it with the song, "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow."

The Toothpaste Wall In Epcot
mickeyspremium on Twitter

Right after visiting the Bubblegum Wall, you'll want to freshen up with the toothpaste wall, which is also located in Epcot. You'll find this hidden blue and green painted wall as you exit the Seas with Nemo and Friends. To fit the Nemo theme, caption your toothpaste wall selfie with, "Just keep swimming."

The Tangled Wall In Fantasyland
Divine Dani Vlogs/Stocksy

Tangled is probably one of my favorite Disney movies, so you know this wall is going on my next Disney World to-do list. You'll be having the best day ever when you stumble upon this wall near the Tangled restrooms in Fantasyland.

This area is so dreamy at night when all of the lanterns light up, and you'll be able to caption your pics for the 'Gram with, "And at last I see the light."

The "You Are Most Beautiful" Wall In Animal Kingdom
christier0408 on Twitter

Not all walls are simply painted pretty colors. Some are much more like the "You Are Most Beautiful" wall. You'll truly feel the most beautiful as you pose under this empowering quote. You don't even need a caption for this one. You'll find this wall in the Harambe Market area of Animal Kingdom.

The Blueberry Wall In Epcot
bookishprincess on Twitter

OK, so you already snapped your Bubblegum Wall and Toothpaste Wall pics, so next on the bucket list at Epcot is a Blueberry Wall pic. Find this right next to the Bubblegum Wall at the exit of Spaceship Earth. Do a boomerang between the pink wall, and then the blue wall, like you're Sleeping Beauty's fairies and you can't decide between the two colors.