The 7 Best Backdrops For Your Instagram Pics At Disneyland

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Disneyland is an ideal vacation destination, especially if you're looking for snapping some killer vacay photos. After all, it was named the "most-Instagrammed location" in 2017, according to Instagram itself. There's no denying this magical place has so much sparkle, but what makes Disneyland such an amazing place to post on your feed? Well, the place has a wide variety of backdrops for your plandids. You might not already know of the most Instagrammable places in Disneyland, so I am here to help you out with a bucket list of pitstops the next time you're there.

Just like there are hidden Mickeys throughout the parks, there are also some hidden walls that make for great backdrops for that dreamy Disney Insta pic. The colorful walls only bring out the magic in your Mickey ears, if you're looking to show them off. Or, maybe you want to display your dapper Disney Bound outfit that looks just like your favorite character. I have to say, my favorite is snapping a pic of my favorite Disneyland treat.

Whatever you decide to take a pic of, with this list of the seven scenic walls, you now have a secret map to the hidden gems of Disneyland. Not only will you be having a magical time eating Dole Whip while riding Splash Mountain, but you will have the pictures to accompany.

The 'Star Wars' Wall In Tomorrowland For Pics That Are Out Of This World
Rachel Chapman

Located right at the Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland is this star wall. Inside, your favorite Star Wars characters like Kylo Ren and Chewbacca are waiting for you to get a picture with them. Though, the real photo spot is just outside.

The Star Wars wall looks exactly like the opening credits of the movies. It even has "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" painted on the front is you want to have that in your pic as well. I personally go for the pretending I'm the Millennium Falcon flying through space pose.

The 'Happily Ever After' Wall In California Adventure For A Fairytale Pic With Bae

Hidden in The Disney Animation Building in California Adventure is this happily ever after wall. It has pixie dust and the famed words painted on. It's a perfect pit stop for you and bae to take a cutesy couple pic together.

It's A Small World Wall Because It Truly Is A Small World
Rachel Chapman

The small world wall is one of my favorites in Disneyland, because I love the ride associated with it. Sure, the song gets stuck in your head, but it's because it's catchy AF. You don't have to risk getting the song stuck in your head to capture a picture in front of this wall, though.

If you're looking for this hidden Disney wall, just look to your left if you're facing the attraction. It will be hidden off to the side.

The Infamous Blue Wall In California Adventure That Is A Disney Must
saratizzle on Twitter

The blue wall is just like Mickey, and it was the wall that started it all. This classic Insta wall is located in California Adventure. It's simple, yet the blue really allows you to pop out in the frame. I think it's so famous, because it really is the best wall to show off you new Mickey ears.

You'll Be Racing To The Cars Land Sign For A Winning Pic
Rachel Chapman

Cars Land is a must for your Disneyland vacation. Radiator Springs Racers is one of those most popular attractions, and those FastPasses are a hot commodity. Though, just outside Radiator Springs is a very popular photo opp.

The Cars Land sign is a great place for you and your squad to get a group pic. Caption it "wish you were here" because it looks like a nice little postcard for all of those who couldn't make it out.

The Spaceship Wall Right Near Space Mountain Will Make Your Pic Blast Off
neribeary on Twitter

Tomorrowland is popping with wall after wall that is perfect to snap a pic in front of. You know about the Star Wars wall and there is a hidden silver wall near Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, but the space ship wall near Space Mountain can't be missed. Unlike the photo they snap while you're riding Space Mountain, this will be your Tomorrowland picture you were expecting and posed for.

The Castle Because...Well, It's The Castle
Rachel Chapman

This isn't a wall, but when you go to Disneyland you have to get a picture in front of the castle. It's the rules — I made them up — but still. You just have to. Not only is it the most iconic sight in the park, but it makes for a totally magical backdrop to your mandatory squad pic.