Three friends hang out and have fun on the roof, while wearing matching flannel shirts.

85 Group Chat Names For Your Fall Crew & Spilling The (Chai) Tea

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A new season means sprucing up your routine. It's time to trade in your tie-dye crop tops for cozy jewel-toned sweaters, your lavender lemonade for a pumpkin spice latte, and your bestie group chat name for a group chat name for fall. You've likely had the same name for months now, and as much as you may love it, it's time to give it a festive upgrade.

While you're decorating your space with pumpkins galore and streaming spooky tunes on Spotify, suggest one of these punny names to your group chat. If they're fellow Hallowqueens like you, they'll probably be game to go with something spooktacular to celebrate the season. Try a fall pun if you're a crew who likes to share funny memes and hilarious tweets on the reg. Or, pick a scary good name if your group chat is already planning Halloween movie nights and drive-thru haunted house experiences. For friends who love to share pumpkin foodie pics and dish on where to find the best fall sips in town, try a fall-themed food name.

There are so many ways to go, so after suggesting a change to your besties, send this list of 85 fall group chat names to see what everyone's thinking. Once you've got an autumnal name picked out, you'll be ready to fall head-first into the festive things waiting for you.

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1. I'll Never Leaf You

2. Basic Witches

3. Fall Friends

4. The Coven

5. Hallow-Queens

6. Main Witches

7. Oh My Gourd

8. PSL Drinkers

9. Sweater Weather Only

10. Got Pumpkin To Talk About

11. Love You A Pumpkin Spice Latte

12. Let's Spice Things Up

13. Squash Goals

14. Fa-BOO-lous Crew

15. Pie Love You Very Much

16. Fall Foliage Followers

17. The Boo Crew

18. The Apples Of My Pies

19. My Pumpkins

20. Always S'more Fun

21. My Boos

22. Hay There Witches

23. Applely Ever After

24. Treemendous Trio

25. Stuffing Happens

26. I Yam What I Yam

27. We've Got Spirit

28. Red-y For Fall

29. Orange You Glad It's Fall

30. Pumpkindred Spirits

31. Creepin' It Real

32. Always Spookin'

33. Leaf It Up To Us

34. Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

35. The Pumpkin Spice Of Life

36. You Sweater Believe It

37. Talk Turkey To Me

38. So Glad I Fondue

39. Too Cute To Spook

40. Let's Get Pumpkin Smashed

41. Skelefun

42. In-Cider Info

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43. Deja Brew

44. My Sweet Potatoes

45. Witch Way To The Fun

46. My Sanderson Sisters

47. Hap-PIE Friends

48. Thankful For You

49. Shake Your BOO-ty

50. Souper Friends

51. Stay Brewtiful

52. & That's The Chai Tea

53. Pumpkin Spice Queens

54. Boss Witches

55. Gourdgeous Gals

56. Turkeyrific Friends

57. The Turkey To My Heart

58. The Smashing Pumpkins

59. Crunchy Leaves Crew

60. Boo Crew

61. Pumpkin Spice-tacular

62. Scream Team

63. Be-leaf In Yourself

64. Pumpkin Spice And Chill

65. The Ghostbusters

66. Feelin' Witchy

67. Don't Go Maple Bacon Our Hearts

68. Unbe-leaf-able Friends

69. Vamp It Up

70. Totally Witchin'

71. Fall Football Fans

72. That's What Pie Like

73. We're Free Fallin'

74. Gourd Times Only

75. Dude, Where's My PSL?

76. Chai Everything

77. What's The Fall Tea?

78. Feeling Oak-ay

79. Corn-y Friends

80. Feeling Applely

81. Totally Corn-fused

82. Sisterhood Of The Fall Sweaters

83. Campus Quad Squad

84. Fall House

85. We Jack-O-Lantern Lit