A couple dressed in Halloween costumes embrace while holding drinks.

80 Spooky Signature Drink Names For Couples That'll Get You In The Spirit

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It's time to make a toast to the spooky season. With so many fall activities on the agenda, you and your partner need some spooky signature drink names for couples to get in the spirit of things. One way to make date night or an outdoor hangout with your roomies more unique (and Insta-worthy) is to come up with your very own cocktail. Mix up something in season like a pumpkin pie martini or something with a Halloween theme like a candy corn cocktail.

You can even experiment in the kitchen. Add some flair to your sips, like edible flowers or festive colors, that will make your drink even more gourdgeous. Once you've nailed down a concoction you both love, serve it at your intimate wedding celebration or backyard horror movie night. Pour your brew into a spooky cauldron with dry ice to give it a foggy effect, and use some gothic-style glasses from Etsy.

When your friends ask you what they're drinking, you'll have a name ready that will make them LOL. Any of these 80 spooky cocktail drink names are right on theme with what you're looking for, and show that this was a joint effort from two ghouls in love.

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1. Witch's Brew

2. Love Potion

3. Felix Felicis — Harry Potter

4. Polyjuice Potion — Harry Potter

5. Homemade Boos

6. Bootiful Brew

7. Bring On The Boos

8. Simply Meant To Be — The Nightmare Before Christmas

9. Eye Love You

10. Ectoplasm — Ghostbusters

11. Hallow-tini

12. Pump-gin And Tonic

13. Kiss Of Death

14. Gin And Beetlejuice

15. Black Magic

16. Spookin' Sips

17. Bloody Orange Sangria

18. Marga-shriek-a

19. Sanderson Sister's Potion

20. Creepin' It Real

21. Haunt It

22. Witch Better Have My Brandy

23. Trick Or Treat Yourself

24. Pumpkin To Talk About

25. The Jack And Sally

26. Eat, Drink, And Be Scary

27. Dying To Try This Brew

28. 'Til Death Do Us Party

29. You'll Float Too — IT

30. The Skele-Fun

31. Mortician Mix

32. Spooky Spirits

33. Batty About You

34. Boos To You

35. Witch, Please

36. Darkness Daiquiri

37. Bugs And Hisses

38. The Black Cat's Meow

39. Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus — Hocus Pocus

40. Spook-tini

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41. Baileys Alive

42. Caught In My Web

43. Mistress Of Evil

44. Scary Good Looking

45. Franken-fine Cocktail

46. Candy Corny

47. Vampire's Bite

48. Definitely Not Poison

49. Broomstick With Me

50. Midnight Snack

51. Pumpkin Cute-teas

52. I'll Never Ghost You

53. No Tricks, Just Treats

54. Wicked Feelings

55. Scream Queens

56. Hey Ghoul Hey

57. Drink At Your Own Risk

58. Raise Your Spirits

59. Foolish Mortals — Haunted Mansion

60. I Want To Hatchaway With You

61. Bone Appetite

62. Later Witches

63. Liable Tequil-ya

64. Get Your Freak On — Missy Elliott, "Get Ur Freak On"

65. Something To Goblin

66. Halloween Goodies

67. Black Heart Cider

68. Gourd Times

69. Drink Up Witches

70. I Put A Spell On You — Screaming Jay Hawkins, "I Put A Spell On You"

71. Witch Way To The Boos

72. Scarily Ever After

73. I Vant To Drink Your Blood

74. That's The Spirit

75. A Fa-boo-lous Couple

76. Spook-tacular Screwdriver

77. Frankly I Think You're Awesome

78. Crawling With Fun

79. Voodoo Rum Punch

80. Tequil-at Sunrise