8 Relatable Times In Life When Napping Is Most Definitely The Answer

In my opinion, there are only a few things in life that are truly priceless: spending time with your family, cuddling with your sweet pup, and taking a much-needed nap in the middle of the day. That's why I live by the motto, "When live gives you nap time, you take advantage of it." Because of that, I've had the pleasure of falling asleep in some of the most beautiful places, including the beach, on the couch, and in front of the fireplace. There are just some times in life when you need a nap, and you have to be able to say, "Yes."

I don't know about you, but I'm kicking myself for all of those nap times in preschool when I laid there restless waiting to get back to playtime. I should have valued that time instead of wasting it. Now, I will nap whenever the moment presents itself, like these eight times when you must close your eyes and catch some essential Z's.

Let's be honest: Adulting is hard work. No one can fault you from wanting to take a quick power nap in the middle of the day, and it's no wonder why people are obsessed with having nap pods at work, and hitting up places like Nap York. The people have spoken, and I want to nap. You can have your coffee. I'll take a power nap instead, thank you very much.

When It's Raining Outside

No one likes doing anything on rainy days, anyway, so when you hear the gentle sound of rain outside, you know it's best to curl up and go back to sleep. The world is basically lulling you with the dark skies and soothing sounds of raindrops falling. Honestly, that nursery rhyme has it all wrong. It should be, "Rain, rain, don't go away. Come back every day."

When Lazy Sunday Rolls Around

The Sunday scaries can be all too real. Technically, Sunday counts as part of the weekend, but you have that Monday workday creeping up like a dark cloud. Instead of going all-out on that last day of the weekend, use it to be lazy. It's in the name, after all, so lazy Sundays are meant for napping.

When You're Relaxing On The Beach

Some people view the beach as a great place to go swimming, play volleyball, and run around, but for the rest of the us, the beach is just one giant sandy bed that looks cozy AF to sleep on. You're already bringing a large blanket with you, so why wouldn't you take a relaxing snooze? (Just remember to flip every once in a while, and lather on the sunscreen. You wouldn't want your refreshing nap to turn into a sunburn disaster.)

When Your Pet Comes To Cuddle

If you have a fur baby, you know that feeling when you want to get up, but your pet came over to cuddle, and they're too cute to disturb. You're basically forced to stay there forever. Since you don't want to disturb the cuteness, you must take a cue from your cat or dog, and just go back to sleep.

When You And Bae Are In Front Of The Fireplace

The perfect nap is warm and cuddly, so when you're snuggled close to bae in front of a fireplace, you can't help yourself from falling asleep. Not only is it romantic, but the dreamiest part is all of the sweet Z's you'll be catching. When you've found a partner who loves napping just as much as you, you know you've found "the one."

Anytime You Find Yourself In A Hammock

Hammocks are made for sleeping. They have all the qualities of a perfect nap: they're comfortable, they swing you ever-so-gently, and they're usually in a tropical or outdoor location that provide all of the right elements for nap time. I dare you to try to stay awake while in a hammock. It's almost impossible.

After A Long Day At Work

You've worked hard all day long, so you deserve a nap. I truly believe that we should be allotted a nap time along with our lunchtime, but until that day comes, I guess we just have to power through it. Once the work day is over, make a beeline to your cozy bed.

Right Before Going Out With Your Friends

I believe in quick power naps. They are magical, to say the very least, and just 20 minutes is all I need to feel in my prime once again. So, when you know you're about to go out all night with your besties, it's the perfect time to get in a quick bit of sleep so you wake up refreshed and ready to party. It's just as important as picking out the perfect outfit.