People Who Really Love To Nap Have These 8 Things In Common

Growing up, napping was a luxury many of us took for granted. Now that I'm an adult, I'm so envious of preschoolers for being able to take part in the wonderful afternoon activity that is nap time. It's one of those things I wish I could go back in time and appreciate more as a kid. We were literally given a solid block of time in our weekly schedules to just sleep in the middle of the day. (What a dream.) In addition to myself, I'm sure many other people who love to nap are making up for all of that undervalued time by napping as much as possible now.

We know what the most important thing in life is. It's not money, diamonds, or Instagram followers; it's squeezing in a cat nap every day. Sure, coffee is a great boost to get you going when you feel yourself dragging, but the only thing that'll really wake you up is a quick power nap. Some people may think we're lazy or sleeping through life, but we're actually just living our best lives. People who love to nap are my people, and we are very familiar with these eight things that only nappers truly understand. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a quick boost, so you know what that means: It's nap time.

You Substitute Lunch Breaks With Nap Breaks

Sometimes, you'd rather take a nap break than a lunch break at work. Seriously though, who said we had to use that time given to us to eat? I'm all for nap pods being added to every single workplace, along with a fully stocked kitchen for post-nap snacks. That's the dream right there.

You're Very Familiar With Nap Hair, And How To Manage It

No matter what you do, you will always wake up with nap hair. It's a little unruly and seems to defy gravity, but as a professional napper, you know how to tackle it all. In a matter of seconds, you can take your nap hair and make it look fab once again, like you didn't just squeeze in a short cat nap.

You've Had To Text Friends, "Sorry, I Was Napping" Often
Boris Jovanovic/Stocksy

Everyone has their go-to excuse for missing a friend's text or being late to a hang sesh. It just so happens that your go-to is, "Sorry, I was napping." Your friends are so used to you being late or not responding because of your nap habits, that it's just common knowledge now. They know if you're MIA, it's probably because you're catching some serious Zs.

You Have To Factor In Nap Time Before Any Big Activity

If you're going out on a Friday night, you always factor a quick nap into your getting ready routine. It just gives you that extra energy boost, so you can get through a night of partying with your friends. Even if you come home from work and know you need to do some errands, you're sure to include a quick nap before so you're able to accomplish it all. Pretty much, a nap is necessary before anything.

You Know People Are Just Jealous When They Judge You For Napping So Much

Your friends know you love to nap, and you may get a little flack for how much you do it, but you know they're just jealous. They wish they could be expert nappers as well. Don't ever apologize for appreciating the finer things in life like napping, and just focus on doing you.

You've Definitely Gone Over To A Friend's House To Nap

As an expert napper, you can pretty much sleep just about anywhere. I'm so guilty of falling asleep at my friend's house once or twice. Hey — when you need to nap, you need to nap. Once you sink into a comfy couch or chair, you're done for.

The Crankiness Is Real When You Haven't Napped

You and your friends know that when you start to get irritable AF, that just means you really need a nap. Some people get hangry when they haven't eaten anything, and you get cranky when you haven't taken a nap. Pass the fluffy blanket, ASAP.

You're Very Familiar With The "Huh, Where Am I?" Feeling When You Wake Up After A Long Nap

Oops, you overslept your alarm once again, and your quick nap turned into a long one. You wake up, and even though you're in your own bed, for a hot second you're thinking, "Huh, where am I?" As a nap expert, you're able to quickly snap back to reality and realize what's going on.