Moms Share 8 Pieces Of Advice About Having Your Heart Broken & BRB, Calling My Mom ASAP

If your heart was just crushed into a million pieces, you're probably craving three things: ice cream, stretch pants, and a hug from your mom (or another source of love and nurture). If you're looking for advice about having your heart broken, who better to ask than the wisest, hardest working people on this planet: Moms. Whether you've just been dumped or are months into grieving a relationship that ended sooner than you ever thought it would, a broken heart can feel unbearable. After falling in love, creating a long and fulfilling relationship with someone, and starting to share your life with someone, having your partnership end before your very eyes, well, sucks.

Yet, in love, in life, and in choosing practical footwear — moms usually know what's up. And their advice on breakups will warm the coldest pieces of your broken heart. So, turn down the vintage T-Swift and put aside the carton of rocky road, and get ready to have your world rocked by caregivers, nurturers, and above all else, mothers.

These eight pieces of advice from mothers about having your heart broken will help you get through your breakup, get yourself back out there, and make you want to call your own mom — just to say you love her.

Be Nice To Yourself
"Wait out big feelings before taking any action or making big decisions. And be nice to yourself, say it over and over. Be nice to yourself. Be nice to yourself."

— Suzie, 56

There Are More Fish In The Sea
“There are more fish in the sea. If it didn't work, it wasn't meant to, and the world has much more in store for you.”

— Donna, 60

Give Yourself Some Space
"Cry it out and try not to let every song on the radio make you think it’s about you. Give yourself some space between relationships. Realize the 'just friends' usually doesn’t work out in the long run."

— Jamie, 54

Don't Waste Your Present On Someone's Future
"There's someone out there that's a little but funnier, a little bit smarter, and a whole lot better in bed. So don't waste your present on maybe being in someone's future, be with someone who never makes you question how they feel about you.

— Stacy, 45

Ben And Jerry's And Bruno Mars
"Give yourself time to heal that broken heart. It’s OK to cry and yell — that’s part of the healing process. Treat yourself to a pint of your favorite Ben and Jerry's, and turn on Bruno Mars or your favorite song and sing and dance."

— KT, 55

(This is my mom. She literally saw Bruno Mars in concert last spring, and went to college in Burlington, Vermont — where Ben and Jerry's first got started.)

Allow Yourself Time To Move On
"The biggest thing for me is letting the emotions come as they are going to and allow time to move on. It will happen eventually even though it feels like the hurt will last forever. Someone who you should be with, who loves you wouldn’t hurt you. Take solace in knowing that the right person will be there when your heart is ready."

— Brenna, 34

You Deserve Better
"1. Alcohol. 2. They were probably an idiot. 3. You deserve better."

— Marge, 60

Know They Did Not Break You
Remember that even if someone breaks your heart, they did not break you. You are going to get through it. You are going to live a long and beautiful life with all types of love.

— Erica, 40

If you or a bestie is nursing a newly broken heart, take some time to grieve, pig out a little, and dance your pain away. There is no timeline for when you will completely heal, but taking a moment to recenter and remember to be kind to yourself can help along the way. At the end of the day — moms are usually right, and with enough self-care and belting sad songs in the shower, your broken heart will be full again in no time.