Here Are Chrissy Teigen's Most Epic Twitter Drags Of 2018 That Made You RT On Sight

by Karen Ruffini
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know what they say: Hell hath no fury like Chrissy Teigen blasting a troll on Twitter. (They say that, right?) The Lip Sync Battle commentator and cookbook author is easily one of the most epic Twitter users of all time, and has the ability to roast her opponent in the most hilarious and witty way. And, while she's been writing Twitter gems left and right for years, it seems like 2018 has brought Teigen up to an entirely new level — and there wasn't a single person who was safe. And honestly, these eight Chrissy Teigen Twitter drags of 2018 prove that you simply do not mess with Chrissy Teigen.

Now remember, fam: If we didn't limit Chrissy Teigen's epic Twitter roasts to the year 2018, there's no telling how long this list would be (but considering she joined Twitter in 2011, I have a feeling it might have looked a lot like a Harry Potter novel). So let's just appreciate what the year 2018 has brought us in terms of Chrissy Teigen Twitter material, OK? OK.

Also feel free to go ahead and retweet any of these little nuggets of Chrissy wisdom if you feel like it's deserving (but spoiler alert, they all are). Now, without further adieu, let's get this party started, people!

1. The time when someone asked if she was pregnant again just months after giving birth to her son Miles

On May 17, Teigen took to Twitter to announce that her son, Miles, had finally arrived. It seemed like everyone had gotten the memo... except one Twitter user who "respectfully" asked if Teigen was pregnant again. Naturally, Teigen jumped at the opportunity to "respectfully" inform the user with an answer:

I mean sure, asking if someone is pregnant is typically a no-no, but hey, if you do it "respectfully" then how could there even be a problem?

2. When she clapped back at someone who didn't approve of her lifestyle.

After Teigen posted a picture of herself breastfeeding Miles while jokingly pretending to breastfeed one of Luna's dolls on Instagram, one Twitter user decided to use the platform to shade Teigen. In a now-deleted tweet, the user wrote,

Christ in a hand basket. Menstruating, childbirth and sex are natural, too, but that doesn't mean I want to see pics of it and/or celebrities like @chrissyteigen taking a bath or nursing. We get it.

Brave to tag Teigen in this, don't ya think?

And, since she was tagged, Teigen saw it and responded in the best way possible:

Boom. Roasted.

3. The time when we realized that no one is safe, not even John Legend.

Don't get me wrong, fam. Marriage is great. But sometimes, when you live with someone, you'll notice some quirks that are less than desirable — like stealing electronics. Instead of having a heart-to-heart with John Legend about his phone charger thievery, she figured she'd just tag him on Twitter with a hilariously passive-aggressive tweet.

There could not be a sassier sarcastic comment geared towards the one that Chrissy Teigen loves most. (But seriously, John. Stop hogging all the chargers.)

4. When one user thought that Teigen's magazine cover was "awful."

Chrissy Teigen is not here for your bullsh*t, so when one user wrote a nasty comment after she landed the cover of Glamour for their Woman of the Year issue, she had zero problems rolling out the big guns (and by "big guns" I mean sarcasm).

"This photo of you is quite frankly, awful," the user wrote, and said, "I know you don’t give a damn, but girl if you’re going to be magazine cover material, make it worth it":

Teigen took all of the user's suggestions into consideration and wrote that she'd "try harder" to look more like an ideal cover model (???), and asked for the user's "past covers for reference."

You caught the extreme levels of sarcasm dripping from that tweet, right? OK. Just checkin'.

Don't play with fire if you don't want to get burned, Heidi!

5. When she made a startling and brutal realization about the president.

We all know that Teigen has no shame when it comes to roasting President Trump on Twitter (remember, she tweeted at him so many times that he finally had enough of her sass and blocked her — which she wears as a badge of honor, thank you very much). But, in January, she made a somewhat hilarious connection about the year Trump was elected into office.

Surely, it can't be a coincidence, right?

6. When one troll accused Teigen of "spending other people's money."

If you want to take on Chrissy Teigen in a Twitter battle, you better have your facts checked and re-checked, because Chrissy has a knack for calling people out on their bullsh*t.

Case in point?

In a tweet that's since been deleted, a Twitter troll accused Teigen of only "eating, sleeping, sh*tting and spending other people's money."

Um, OK.

Naturally, Teigen replied perfectly — with a screenshot of her net worth (a cool $13.5 million, FYI) and a caption that simply read, "my money."

How does she do it?!

7. When one user thought that Teigen did nothing but "tweet nonsense."

Chrissy Teigen is a woman of many talents. I'd list them all, but we honestly don't have enough time in the day. Let's just say she's mega-talented. So when one user called her out for doing nothing but tweeting "nonsense," Teigen brilliantly shut him down with one sentence:

It was short, sweet, and to the point in a way that only Chrissy Teigen could pull off. Bravo, Chrissy. Bravo.

8. And finally, when she received backlash after showing off Miles' corrective helmet.

On Monday, Dec. 3, Teigen took to Twitter to reveal that Miles needs to wear a helmet to help treat his "adorable slightly misshapen head."

Because Chrissy can't really do much of anything without getting critiqued online, she took it upon herself to write up a classy tweet to shut down anyone thinking of telling her what she should and shouldn't do:

You hear that, Twitter? That's the sound of a metaphorical mic dropping, because Chrissy Teigen just won the internet. I'm officially looking forward to seeing what Chrissy's Twitter feed has in store for us in 2019!