8 Justin Bieber Lyrics That Give TMI About His Sex Life

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Though he first entered the music world with a high-pitched voice and a swishy haircut, the days of G-rated Justin Bieber songs are farther in the past than flip phones and plastic straws. From colorful descriptions of his own desires to vivid recounts of his partners' bodies, these Justin Bieber lyrics that give too much info about his sex life will have you blushing more than Glossier Cloud Paint.

No matter who you are, feeling empowered to express your sexuality is a good thing. It's important to have accessible, de-stigmatizing conversations about sex to teach people about their bodies and to make people feel less ashamed or alone in their desires. It's also crucial to create accurate and representational media that properly depicts healthy sexuality.

Justin Bieber, like any other consenting adult, is entitled to express himself and his sexuality through his art. Not to mention, the art through which expresses his sexual desires is producing straight bangers. And while I could go on forever about sexual masculinity in the media, I'll just leave you with these eight particularly provocative tunes instead. Is it too late now to say sorry? Because these hits are a little bit more TMI than FYI.

"Hold Tight"
They hold on tight, yeah, they hold on tight. Ooh, they hold on tight. Them lips won't let me go.

The Capricorn version of this would be something about holding on tight to your paycheck.

"All That Matters"
What's a king bed without a queen? There ain't no "I" in team.

I'll tell you right now that sleeping in a king-sized bed all by yourself, regardless of your gender, is luxurious.

Drew House slippers on, with a smile on my face. Yeah, you got that yummy, yum, that yummy, yum, that yummy, yummy.

If you were wondering, "Drew House" is JB's clothing line, meaning the Biebs likes to wear his own brand of slippers (which, BTW, retail at a cool $148.00) as he gets frisky.

"Despacito (Remix)"
Make me wanna savor every moment slowly, slowly. Baby, take it slow so we can last long.

Honestly, this song is hard to listen to without dancing.

"Bad Guy" (By Billie Eilish With Justin Bieber)
Yeah, I'm the real type, keep you full of thrills type. Show you what it feels like. Got an open invite.

What kind of "open invite"? G Cal? Paperless Post? I need answers.

"Get Me"
Come on and get me, get me, get me. Baby, I'm yours, come on and get me. You'll never be lonely, lonely, lonely.

"Get me" plays in my head each time I enter a Goodwill and see a pair of chunky-heeled ankle boots.

"Take You"
I could take you out, I could take you home. I could take you, oh, oh, where you want go.

I want to go to Sweetgreen, and then I want to take a nap all by myself.

"Oh Girl"
Your body is so insane. Making me call your name.

I would love to watch Justin Bieber recapping the plot of Call Me By Your Name.

TL;DR: Talking about sex isn't a bad thing.. All sex is good sex as long as it's consensual and pleasurable for all parties involved, and that's something that everyone can all beliebe in.

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