These 8 Healthy Habits Will Be So Much Easier To Follow With Your Work Wife Beside You

There's nothing that makes the work day better than having a work wife to share it with. Once the two of you realized you were meant for each other, everything about your 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. grind or late-night shifts suddenly made a lot more sense. Not only do you have someone to hash out WTF happened at that office happy hour last night, you also just kill it when it comes to collaborating. But you know what would really take your bond to the next level? Coming up with healthy habits for you and your work wife to make your time together that much more beneficial for both of your minds, bodies, and spirits.

Let's be real: Doing things as a duo makes even the most boring work stuff a whole lot better. Your work wife is already someone who always catches your sideways-glance across the room, and who just gets all your brilliant ideas right off the bat.

But now, the two of you can also keep each other accountable for these eight healthy habits, and that oh-so-necessary daily self-care. Everything from hydration to de-stressing habits can be a regular part of your routine together, and trust me, it'll only make that work-wife bond stronger.

Practice Deep Breathing Together

You can take five to breathe together in the break room, or just G-chat each other real quick to say, "exhale, girl," when you know one of you is having a bit of a crisis at work. Ashleigh Edelstein, LMFTA, a Texas-based therapist who works with teens, couples, and young adults, says this is a really helpful, stress-relieving practice to include in your daily routine.

"Practice deep breathing together, especially if one or both of you is stressed out or has a looming deadline," she tells Elite Daily. Breathing is one of the easiest things to forget to do, Edelstein explains, but it'll be in the front of your mind more often if you and your work wife commit to checking in with one another.

Make A Habit Of Doing Something Nice For Your Other Co-Workers

Yes, you two are #wifesies, but don't let that stop you from doing something nice for other people.

"Many people are grumpy at work," David Bennett, a certified counselor and host of the podcast, Disruptive Love, tells Elite Daily. If that accurately describes some of your own co-workers, you and your work wife can definitely change that for the better.

Bennett suggests collaborating with your work bestie to talk to a new employee at your job to make them feel more welcome, cheer up the co-worker who seems stressed out, or get someone a coffee out of the blue when the two of you are out on your own matcha run.

Pack Each Other Snacks

No matter who you are, or where you work, when 3 p.m. rolls around, you always get that hankering for a candy bar or a piece of chocolate cake. Some days, it's necessary to have an indulgent treat, but for the most part, you want to encourage each other to snack on things that pack a nutritional punch.

"Trade off bringing healthy snacks for the day, like veggies and hummus, or dried fruits and nuts," Edelstein tells Elite Daily. It's a nice, easy way to enjoy a quick break together, and you guys can surprise each other with your favorite noms.

Encourage Stretch Breaks

"Find a quiet, private place, and go through a stretching routine," Bennett recommends. "It's a level of intensity you can do in work clothes, but has so many health benefits."

Edelstein agrees: "Take regularly scheduled stretch breaks with each other! Stretching improves circulation and releases muscle tension, which helps us de-stress."

Stretching also helps boost your energy, Edelstein tells Elite Daily, which might just make that extra cup of coffee you two go for in the afternoon totally unnecessary.

Make Each Other Laugh At Least Once Every Day

Maybe you two don't need to be reminded of this one, but if you do, you have to find opportunities to laugh throughout the day, my friends.

Bennett stresses that laughter really is the best medicine for stress, and for keeping you happy throughout the day. And hey, it's definitely a more constructive use of your time than getting caught up in a bunch of toxic work gossip.

When you and your work wife have a moment to chat, "show your friend some funny cat videos, or the newest (work-appropriate) meme," Bennett says. "It's far healthier than using your time together to complain or discuss stressful, work-related things."

Use Your Breaks For Fun, Calming Hobbies

Aside from squeezing in a few stretches during this time, Edelstein recommends encouraging one other to spend your lunch break doing something easy, creative, and de-stressing.

"Adult coloring books are a fun and quick way to decompress on your breaks," she tells Elite Daily. "You can listen to relaxing music together, or you can learn a new craft together, like knitting or origami."

These things don't take a lot of time or space, but they can still offer you both a way to give your brains a much-needed reset. It's a lot easier to stick to these little creative habits if you've have a work-wife who likes to do them, too.

Remind Each Other To Drink Water

Whether you guys decide to get matching wifey water bottles (so cute, right?), or simply bring each other a cup of ice water every few hours, you can definitely make time for H2O together, Edelstein says.

Hopefully, having someone else who also has to pee every hour on the hour will make it a bit easier to reach those 64 ounces a day.

Do Lunch Together

And no, that doesn't mean going out for Chipotle bowls every day. Hold each other accountable for fixing your own nutritious, tasty meals as often as you guys can.

"Bringing lunch is one of the easiest and most economical ways to stay healthy at work," says Edelstein. "If you have a company kitchen, you can each bring half the ingredients and make the meal together at lunch."

Work-wife bonding at its absolute finest, no?