Your Work Wife Knows These 8 Things About You, Better Than You Know Yourself

Having a work wife is like having a little slice of heaven nestled in your workplace. Regardless of how this bond was formed, you know that the work day can never be that bad if you can spin around and see her smiling face. You guys are more than buddies at this point, and while you both follow the same work culture, she's caught onto your individual behaviors as well. You'd be surprised about the amount of things your work wife knows about you, and it's actually super sweet.

You can never have too many people who actually get you — and at work, it is such a relief. Your work wife understands you because she faces a lot of the same things you do. She has also taken it upon herself to get to know you because, duh, you're awesome.

Have you ever noticed how your work day flows so much better because she's around? Well, that's because she is seriously complementing your life in more ways than one. You're lucky if you have a work wife, and you might even think you know her pretty well, too. You already consider her one of the greatest people, but you'll want to hug her for all of the things she really knows about you just from working with you.

How You REALLY Like Your Coffee

Have you ever noticed how lovely your coffee tastes when she makes it for you? It never quite tastes the same when you try and do it yourself. You could put all of the same things in it, but she seriously just has the magic touch. Oh, and her choice of creamer is always on point.

When You Are On The Brink Of Stressing Out

When you are taking on too many things at work because you are a relentless hard worker, your work wife knows when it's too much. Your adrenaline might have you on a bit of streak for the moment, but she'll know when stress isn't far away. She is going to try to help out in any way that she can.

How Hangry You Get

The hungry monster happens to the best of us. Sometimes, we get so caught up in working that we forget to take that lunch break — which is never a good idea. Your work wife knows that hangry emotion very well, and she probably has emergency snacks in her desk for you, or will run out to grab you a sandwich. Of course, you do the same for her as well.

When You Need A Break With Some Fresh Air

Your work wife doesn't have to hear your cry for help when it comes to needing fresh air. She catches onto it and will help you out. Whether she has to make an excuse for you or not, she'll make sure you get that fresh air and sunshine that you need.

How Much You Work Your Butt Off

You might not give yourself enough kudos for all the hard work that you do, but your work wife notices. You are always in high gear and probably even take on more tasks than you are assigned. She's always rooting for you and letting you know that your efforts aren't going unnoticed.

When A Happy Hour Is In Order

Your work wife will always introduce the idea of a happy hour at the perfect time. Drinks with her is just more time spent bonding and venting about the craziness at work. You may not have thought about the plan first, but you're sure glad you decided to sip a few down with her.

When You Need A Pep Talk

Work wives are blessed with this natural ability to heighten our spirits and give golden advice. You may not think you need it at the time, but after she pampers you with a pep talk, you feel so much better. Don't be surprised if you feel so victorious that you run a few victory laps around the office cubicles.

When Someone In The Office Is Crushin' On You

You might not peep the guy or girl majorly crushing on you in the office, but your work wife does. Yeah, you're that awesome and easy to get along with that you're overlooking the fact that you are a total babe and your personality is attractive AF. She'll tease you about it at first, and then list all of the evidence she has gathered about your office admirer.

The work week is so much better when you factor in a work wife. She is a top reason why you clock in, and you really don't know work without her.