7 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have A Work Wife You Couldn’t Survive Without

Mondays are literally the worst. No offense, Monday — it's not your fault you are the day right after the weekend — but when you stroll up, we all collectively groan in frustration. Monday means it's back to our nine to five, and the struggle is so real. Lucky are those who have a work wife who helps to get through it all. She is your bestie in the office who you chill with all week long, until you reach that blessing in disguise — Friday! Actually, having a work wife you can't live without means you have seriously hit the jackpot. Not everyone is blessed with a friend who helps make the week cruise by, so you definitely need to thank your lucky stars for having her there.

Mondays aren't just Mondays anymore. Don't get me wrong, they still are the worst, but you get a little excited knowing that you'll be able to see your friend once again. She is your lunch buddy, your coffee date, and number one when you need to vent about the characters in your office. Those of us with a work wife can relate to these seven things that make our bond so special, and you're begging her to never leave you.

You Alternate Getting Coffee For Each Other

Coffee is how you both start your day. Maybe it's running downstairs to the closest Starbucks or taking a stroll to the kitchen to brew up some caffeine of your own. Either way, you need to wake up, and coffee is how you do it.

Since you're constantly getting coffee for each other, you know exactly what your work wife drinks. You have even surprised her with her drink of choice on occasions like her birthday, after a promotion, and just on the worst kind of days.

It's A Rough Day When She Calls Out Sick

Showing up to work and getting that "out of office" email response from your work wife is beyond painful. You feel betrayed for being left alone. Honestly, it's as if time slows down on days when she is out of the office.

You're Always Caught Up On All The Latest Office Drama

You're always sharing the inside scoop of what's going on together. Maybe you work in different departments, so she shares what she knows, and you offer up your intel as well. Combined, you and your work wife always know what the 411 going on in the office is, and it really keeps you entertained.

Venting To Her Is So Easy

We all need to vent. It's annoying when no one ever cleans their own mugs in the kitchen sink, and your cubicle neighbor has a problem with chewing their gum so loud. Your work wife will let you vent out all of your frustrations to her, and you always feel better afterwards.

Lunch Is The Best Time Of The Day

Lunch time is the best time of the day. Don't even try to argue with me.

Honestly, lunch is great because not only do you get to get away from work and eat, but it's time just to hang with your work wife. What more could you want?

You're Constantly G-Chatting

I know what's on your work computer right now. You have one window open just for chatting with your work wife, and one window for pretending you're actually doing work on.

You're constantly chatting, even if you sit right next to each other. Sometimes it's nonsense talk like sending random memes or YouTube videos. Other times, it's used to gossip about people in the office who are annoying the heck out of you.

She Makes The Work Week A Lot Easier To Get Through

The only things that can stop you from repeatedly pressing the snooze button every single morning is the thought of bagel breakfast and getting to see your work wife. She is one of the only things you get excited about at work, and you can't wait for another day to dish out the gossip over some coffee with her.