8 Monday Morning Struggles That Only You & Your Work Wife Will Understand

Mondays stink. There are few people in the world who enjoy the dreaded day, especially Monday mornings. You've just come off of the weekend and whether you were in bed all snuggled up for two straight days or out enjoying the nightlife scene with your girls, the morning on the first day of the work week will leave you feeling particularly drained and probably cranky AF. Luckily, you have your trusted work companion to help you out. Your best friend in the office — aka, your work wife — is so here with you on what you're both going through. There are just so many Monday morning struggles for you and your work wife to bond over.

From day one, a new job can be just as intimidating as it is exciting. You want to do your best, and you really just want to see a smiling, reassuring face to let you quietly know it'll all go smoothly. That's where your work wifey comes in. Maybe you two bonded over coffee preferences, workloads, or maybe the same favorite TV show. Whatever it was, you're now super tight and don't know what work would be like without the other one in your life. This friendship is especially helpful when you're struggling at 9 a.m. on a Monday.

Neither Of Your Eyes Can Stay Open

"Sleep is for the weak" was something you may have lived by in college. But now? All you want to do when you're not working or hanging with friends, is sleep. Even when you are awake, sleeping is something always on your mind on a Monday morning. Your work wife can definitely relate. In fact, you are messaging each other about it for a solid two hours or so. WHY hasn't the caffeine set in yet?!?

When The Coffee Maker Isn't Working Correctly

On top of it all, when the coffee maker is on the fritz? It's the absolute worst. The water isn't coming through correctly, your go-to flavor is out, and so is the soy milk. You knew you should have gone to the coffee shop on the corner, but you were running late (on a Monday, which is so typical).

Your BFF at work knows exactly what you're feeling. Luckily, she has your back and made a coffee run right after you got in. What would you do without her?

Your Ideas Just Aren't Forming

Writer's or worker's block can strike hardcore on a Monday. You just can't seem to form a creative idea or gain motivation for whatever is on task for that day. Your mind is just constantly wandering and you can't get any new thought in your brain. Of course, you're messaging back and forth with your work wifey, letting her know about the 10th daydream you've had in an hour. She completely understands, because she just fell asleep at her desk.

When Both Of You Are Just DONE With Work (And It's Only 11 AM)

You've had your coffee, you've had your daydreams, you're now out here actually working. You type and type, send a ton of emails, and are sure that you're past your lunch break time. You look, and it's only 11 a.m. How can this be?! It already feels like you should be punching out soon.

No worries (at least not a ton), because these are the times you lean on your work wife. You two take a quick walk around the office, chat with your other friends, and head back to work. Your motivation is now back, thanks to your number one.

Your Makeup Or Outfit Is Just Not On Par

Mondays also have the ability to make you feel not up to par, no matter what you're wearing, how you did your makeup, or how much sleep you get. Plus, feeling horrible on a Monday is the worst time to not feel your best.

When you let your office bestie know what you're feeling, she is there to give you the best pep talk you'll receive that day, maybe even that week (until the next one on the following Monday). She knows she can count on you to do the same for her as well.

Everyone Is Just Getting A Little Too Much On Your Nerves

Again, Mondays are bad. Just know that they feel that way for everyone. While that's kind of comforting, it also explains why everyone is so irritable at work. On top of them being easily frustrated, you're getting easily annoyed. It's a horrible cycle, one that can only be broken by another quick walk around the office with your work wife. She just knows how it is.

Lunch Can't Come Fast Enough

In addition to messaging your BFF at work all morning long, when lunch comes even close to when you normally have it, you can't stop asking her where she wants to go. Now you can't stop thinking about lunch and you just can't focus again. However, she motivates you really quickly, and you're back on task until the next gurgle of your stomach.

You Have Someone To Talk About After-Work Plans With

Being best friends at the office comes with so many perks. One being that you can be best friends out of the office as well. Yeah, you have your friends who work other places and you have your favorite roommate, but there's just something about spending so much time with work wife that makes you two so close. As soon as you get back from lunch, you're definitely already texting about the wine bar you'll hit up after work to celebrate the end to another Monday.