7 Reasons Why Your Work Wife Will Totally Save You During Your First Job

As much as it's an extremely exciting time in your life, your first job can be a pretty nerve-racking experience. Yeah, you nailed the interview like the girl boss you are, but everything about this work culture is totally new to you. But then, there she is, the woman who is going to make all of those nerves subside — your work wife. The benefits of having a work wife, especially at your first job, are so, so precious and will be cherished for a lifetime.

She's like your go-to for anything, and you become office besties quicker than you could even imagine. In my opinion, work wives don't get enough credit for the awesomeness that they provide on the regular. It's almost like you two were meant to work in the same place just so you could meet and form an epic bond.

As an adult, sometimes you need an incentive to partake in adulting. Your work wife is that extra little push to get you out the door and off to work. Yeah, her gravitational pull is that strong, and you are so grateful for it. Whether you're sipping coffee in the break room or slyly sharing hilarious memes, she makes your workplace world go around. Having a work wife in general is super rewarding, but having her during your first job is one of the most supportive things ever.

She'll Be Your Second Pair Of Eyes And Ears

As much as you don't want to be at the center of office gossip, it couldn't hurt to have an extra pair of ears at the pulse of what's going on. Together, you and your work wife stay up on all of the office scoop. Two heads are better than one. She'll let you know first thing when the pizza finally arrives in the kitchen and she'll save you a spot in line, because she cares.

You Can Vent Whenever You Want

Your first job is going to expose you to the great and not-so-great aspects that come with the field you're in. Luckily, your work wife is there to hear you excitedly talk about your accomplishments and vent about any frustrations. She listens to everything, and you genuinely feel like she understands because she works with you.

You Always Have A Solid Lunch Buddy

When you finally get settled into your first job, it's exciting to scope out all of the cool lunch spots near your office. What makes the experience even better is having a go-to lunch buddy to explore them with. Your work wife will liven up your lunch and she'll undoubtedly be the refreshing break you'll look forward to every afternoon.

She'll Cover For You

Running late or need to go on an emergency errand? Your work wife will always have your back and cover for you. There's nothing worse than trying to cover all of your bases when you are in a hurry to get something done really quickly. She'll explain your dilemma like the real MVP she is.

She'll Help You Through Those Unexpected Mishaps Of Life

In a perfect world, you'd never break your heel on your way to work or spill your coffee on that fresh white blouse you just bought. Somehow, your work wife will always have that one thing you need when you're experiencing a low-key crisis. Stained your shirt or lost your pen? Your number one has you covered. She is truly the G.O.A.T.

She'll Be Your Plus One For Office Parties

Office parties are fun and all, but if you are just starting at the company, you might not be buddy, buddy with anyone just yet. Your work wife will inevitably go to the office parties with you, and with her, you can always be yourself. She really is your saving grace.

You'll Have An Awesome Cheerleader For Office Presentations

Office presentations can be a little stressful at a new job where you're trying to make a good impression. No worries, though. Knowing that your work wife is rooting for you can be so relieving. She may not have pom poms, but you know she'd be fist pumping if she could in the conference room. The smile on her face will truly say it all.

Your first job is such an unforgettable experience when you have a work wife by your side. So, if you have a work wife prospect, that friendship is definitely worth embracing.