8 Best Experience Gifts For The Mom Who Never Asks For Anything & Deserves The World

Move over, The Avengers, because when it comes down to superheroes, our moms truly take the cake. Moms are super humans who can do it all, and never ask for anything in return. When you ask your mother what she wants for the holidays, she may respond with, "Nothing," or say she's already blessed enough to have a great family. That woman deserves everything, but it's hard to buy the world for one person. Although you can give her something fun and unique with some of the best experience gifts to get your mom.

Experiences are the true gifts that keep on giving, because your mom will be left with memories that last a lifetime. You can even partake in the experiences, and the quality time you'll be spending together is a bonus present your mom will cherish. Needless to say, these eight experience gifts have a lifetime warranty and you'll never want to return them. When you look back on your favorite memories with your mother, they might always be the times you spent doing great things rather than the presents you gave each other. Go ahead and win the award for best present giver this holiday season by giving your mom an experience she'll love.

Season Tickets To A Theater
Hollywood Pantages

For the mom who loves live action shows, you can get her season tickets to a theater, like the Pantages in LA. You can find different packages of various prices for whatever shows you think your mom will enjoy. You could even make it a fun night on the town for you two, grabbing dinner beforehand at a restaurant she's been wanting to try.

A Walking History Tour Of Your Town

If your mom's a history buff, this is a great gift idea. A walking tour of your town can be a fun outing to do together if you've been living in the same place your whole life, but don't know the entire history behind it.

You'll both be offering up some #FunFacts at your next family get-together like total pros. You can look for different tours offered in your city, like this Greenwich Village tour in NYC, priced at $35.

A Museum Membership

All of the art and culture your mom's heart desires will be complete with a museum membership. You'll always have something fun to do together with the different exhibits coming and going. With a membership you can even get discounted tickets for guests, so the whole family can partake for a day. If you live in NYC, you could consider a MoMA membership ($85 —$175).

A Pampering Spa Day

Tell your mom to "treat yo' self," because she is a queen and deserves a spa day. Depending on your budget, you can give her an at-home spa day, complete with her favorite wine, bath salts, and a DIY face mask treatment. You can also book her an appointment for a manicure at your favorite nail salon. Or, if you're willing to go all-out, you can book a stay at a Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Spa. A day full of pampering awaits.

A Movie Pass

The Movie Pass card will get Mom into one movie a day, and it goes for $6.95 per month. This is a great option for any mom who loves seeing new flicks with her girlfriends. You'll undoubtedly be the stars of your Oscars party this year, because you both will have seen all of the nominees.

An Airbnb Adventure

Did you know you can book experiences and restaurants in addition to vacation homes on Airbnb? Well, you can, and you should totally book an adventure experience weekend via Airbnb with your mom.

Stay at one of the coolest rentals on Airbnb, and book a bike tour, mixology lesson, and a cooking class. Enjoy all of the experiences you could ever want with your mom in one magnificent, unforgettable trip.

A Unique Dance Class

If your mom loves to get down on the dance floor, or is a total fitness guru, you can take her to a new dance class. There are so many unique dance classes you can sign up for that you probably haven't even thought of. Piloxing class, anyone?

A Disney Cruise

In my personal opinion, two of the best experiences you can gift your mom is a cruise and trip to Disney. Luckily, you can combine both of those in a Disney Cruise. They have amazing food, great entertainment, and we can't forget to mention the luxurious spa. What more could you ever want to give Mom for the holiday?