6 Sweet Christmas Gifts For The Mom Who Says She Doesn't Want Anything

Shopping for Christmas is always stressful. Sometimes, the crowds, the expense of it all, and the question of what to give results in a major headache. And for the people you love most, it can be the hardest to know what to get them. It's a special kind of feeling when you nail that perfect gift for someone who means the world to you. So, when it comes to Christmas gifts for moms from daughters, the challenge is so, so very tough.

My mom is the perfect example. She hardly ever buys anything for herself, and when she does, it’s because she has to — meaning something of hers is falling apart and seriously needs to be replaced. She never asks for anything, and her answer to “What would you like?” or “Which do you prefer?” is always, “Whatever is fine, honey,” or a sincere, “I’ll love whatever you choose.” Like, that is so not helpful for my trillion Google tabs open trying to find the perfect gift.

But, like all moms who mean the world to us, she truly does deserve the best, and if I can afford to give it to her, you bet I will. Despite her attitude about loving whatever I’ll end up gifting to her (which, she truly means), it’ll be a jab at my ego if I don’t get it just right. So with a little digging, these items are sure to bring any amazing mother joy when opened on Christmas. Because, even though she has everything she thinks she needs, these sweet gifts will instantly put a smile on her face.

A Unique Candle
Henri Bendel

Champagne Signature 9.4 oz Candle, $25, Henri Bendel

Candles are great. Not only do they make a room super cozy, but they can also bring amazing aromas to your apartment or house. And while the typical scents during the holiday season are full of peppermint, sugar cookies, spices, or other wintery themes, this special candle gives your mom the best smell ever: champagne.

Who wouldn't want to sit back and relax with a warm glow that also delivers a fun vibe? Your mom will definitely enjoy the gesture along with the funny aspect of this gift.

The Best Travel Companion (Besides You, Of Course)

Aria Travel Kit, $79, Aria Kit

For the mom who loves to travel, surprise her with the best travel buddy (besides yourself, of course). For any short or long flight, the Aria travel kit is a must. Easy enough to fit in a carry-on, it comes with moisturizers, a toothbrush, socks, earbuds, and literally anything you'd ever need in a travel kit. It's all super cute too, and packed in a super-organized and modern carrying case.

Your mom will certainly thank you 100 times over for this thoughtful present. It's the gift that also keeps on giving, because Aria sells refills for when your goodies run out. Blessed with this one, for sure.

The Perfect Headache Remedy
Saje Natural Wellness

The Head Duo, Cooling & Soothing Kit, $23, Saje Natural Wellness

Let's be real here — if your mom deals with a lot of headaches at the office, this gift will be heaven sent. Give her something to ease that pain when the fam is a little too overzealous or loud at home, or when she's stressed about a work project.

This head duo kit is a natural way to get the kinks out and soothe soreness in the tops of your shoulders as well. It comes with a peppermint oil blend that you can rub on your forehead and neck, and that alone will work to make you feel much more relaxed. With the added head massager, your mom will definitely be in heaven after a long day at work.

Saje's Holiday Shop carries oil blend kits, aromatherapy necklaces, wellness gift sets, and more if you want to explore additional options for Mom.

Fab And Cozy Slippers
Minnie Rose

Stud Trim Slipper, $158, Minnie Rose

A gift for mom should be all about the pampering, because, yet again, it's what she deserves. Buy her these super fluffy slippers that she will not only look fabulous in, but will also keep her toes super warm.

This gift is a little pricey, and it's definitely a bigger commitment to get her, but she's so worth it. The look on her face when she slips into these gems is going to be priceless.

A Dinner Night

A Restaurant Gift Card, any amount, or

Cooking may not be your specialty (it's certainly not mine), but that doesn't mean you can't give your mom a bomb night out with some scrumptious food! And you also don't have to join her. (Although, that would be a gift in and of itself.)

Dining gift cards are amazing, and this gift idea lets her choose what she wants without feeling cornered into one place. Websites such as or allow you to search for a particular place if you know of a venue she's been dying to try out.

A Trendy, Must-Have Sweater
Nordstrom, Barefoot Dreams

CozyChic® Lite Circle Cardigan, $116, Nordstrom

Going off of the whole "pamper and love your mom" theme here, the last item is something that may seem super practical, but your mom will totally fall in love with. I know my mom sometimes is always so busy (and selfless) that she often doesn't buy new clothes. A new trendy sweater is a perfect idea, especially for this time of year, because you can layer and use it in multiple outfits. It's a must for any mom's closet this winter (and shoot, possibly mine too — #twinning).