5 Perfect Gifts To Get For The Mom Who Wants…


There’s always one person on your holiday shopping list who’s impossible to, well, shop for.

But what happens when the most notoriously difficult person to shop for is also the person who deserves the most elaborate, perfect, and thoughtful gift imaginable?

Yup, we’re talking about your mom.

She’d give you the shirt off her back (and literally has many times when you’ve forgotten to bring a coat), but when it comes to treating her to the perfect holiday gift, things tend to get a little complicated.

And by “complicated,” we’re referring to the yearly diatribe all moms deliver about how they don't need or want anything. (And, of course, how they have “too much stuff as it is!”)

Sound familiar?

So what’s a girl to do? That’s where we come in. We’ve sourced the best gifts from Sephora that we can guarantee any mom will swoon over, no matter how fervently she insists she doesn’t want anything.

How do we know? Let’s just say we’d swoon a bit ourselves over these products, and the apple doesn’t fall that far from the tree.

Here are five perfect gifts for the mom who wants nothing but deserves literally everything.

1. HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Edit – Volume 3

We already know that mom glows from the inside out, but shouldn't the opposite be true too?

This HOURGLASS palette not only includes three bestselling powders that we know and love but also comes with three entirely new shades so your mom can look as flawless as she feels.

2. Dior Rouge Dior Mini Lipstick Set

Does your mom love a quick swipe of lipstick but is constantly misplacing her favorites shades?

We have good news: You can solve that lipstick problem with this set of Dior mini lipsticks. The five colors flatter pretty much every skin tone imaginable, and since they're conveniently travel-sized you can bet your mom will never find herself without a little lipstick pick-me-up again!

3. Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler

Look, we know your mom has her signature scent, but sometimes a little switch-up is just what the doctor ordered!

This sampler of Sephora fragrance favorites will give her the chance to try out the most amaze bestselling scents out there. The best part? She can take her favorite one to a Sephora store and redeem it for a full-sized bottle (for no extra cost).

Yes, you read that right.

4. FOREO LUNA Mini 2x Tarte: Our Little Secrets Set

If your mom goes gaga over good skin care, we have just what she's looking for.

Give her the tools she needs to turn her face into a beautiful blank canvas with this Foreo and Tarte combo set. It includes the LUNA 2 cleansing device, plus three Tarte favorites that'll leave her skin cleaned, moisturized, and hydrated.

5. Sunday Riley Bright Young Thing Visible Skin Brightening Kit

This is the perfect gift for any mom who's interested in anti-aging products.

Brighten her holiday AND her skin with this limited edition Sunday Riley kit. She’ll be obsessed with how effective all three products are at restoring her youthful glow (NOT that it needs any restoring).

This post is sponsored by Sephora.