8 DIY Food Halloween Costumes For Those Who Prefer The Treat To The Trick

by Julia Guerra

One of the many reasons why I love Halloween so much is that the holiday is one of the few that are actually all-inclusive. From classic get-ups like witches and vampires to spot-on imitations of pop culture icons, there’s a costume for everyone if you think outside the box. Normally, pre-made costumes are marketed toward what’s trending, which is awesome if you’re into movies killing it at the box office, but pulling together your own All Hallows' Eve attire gives you a little more wiggle room to express your individuality. Personally, I go for creepy ensembles myself, but if you'd consider yourself more hangry than haunted, I suggest considering DIY food Halloween costumes that really show off your unique taste.

If we're being frank here, foodies have taken over social media this year. To be honest, I'm more interested in health bloggers' plated creations and what superfood I should be adding to my smoothie than I am about Kylie Jenner's reported pregnancy rumors, or why Taylor Swift took an Instagram hiatus (for attention, obviously).

Food is fuel, but it's also entertainment, and something millennials are hyper aware of. If you categorize yourself as a designated "foodie," these DIY Halloween costumes might spark some inspiration, or should I say, foodspiration?

Starbucks PSL
Hailey Norby on Twitter

Halloween just got basic AF, friends. Basically, this foodie costume is genius for all my ladies hiking up their Uggs at the first sign of 60 degree weather and cozying into an oversized sweater, all while sipping a venti PSL, pinky up.

In honor of your favorite fall beverage, slip into a comfortable white dress, and wrap a cardboard cylinder around your waist. Print, cut out, and paste the famous Starbucks logo in the center, and add ruffles to represent whipped topping with tissue paper or fabric.

A Gum Ball Machine
jessy ratfink on Twitter

Showing up to any Halloween soirée in this get-up will instantaneously pop everyone's bubble because, seriously, who can compete with a human gum ball machine?

I love this costume because it's super vibrant and silly and brilliant all in one. It's also pretty simple to copy, thanks to Jessy Ratfink's detailed how-to, via

You'll feel super nostalgic breaking into a colorful bag of cotton balls and assembling shapes of white felt, and by the end of the craft, you'll feel like a boss having transformed your basic skirt and crop top into a life-size candy distributor.

Baker Chiropractic on Twitter

I've seen this sushi costume floating around social media recently, and there are a few different ways to achieve the look. This specific rendition is probably the simplest way to do it.

Start by taking a pillow and wrapping three to four chunky strips of white fabric at its ends and center. From there, secure the pillow to your back by strapping it around your waist with either sturdy black material or ribbon. You can also make similar hair bows out of felt.

A Deviled Egg
Katy Werlin on Twitter

You can't honestly tell me this concept alone doesn't make you giggle.

Twitter user @PastFashion's deviled egg ensemble is downright adorable, and quick to assemble. For starters, don all black everything, and attach your devil's tail. Style your hair any way you like; just make sure to slip on a pair of demon ears.

What really makes this costume stand out is, obviously, the broken egg on the front of your torso. This can easily be made by way of an old pillow case and yellow marker or felt.

Sarah Betts

A lot of food costumes are overdone, but I can honestly say I've yet to come across anyone dressed as a bowl of popcorn.

YouTuber Sarah Bett's ensemble looks good enough to eat. I'm thoroughly impressed by how she was able to turn movie popcorn into a chic crop top and skirt combo because, honestly, I'd probably rock that top with a pair of jeans IRL.

For your base pieces, you'll need a plain white skirt and a white crop top. Add horizontal red stripes to the skirt, and secure a collage of crinkled yellow material to your shirt, and voila! Just add butter (or not).

Spaghetti And Meatballs
Sarah Kosar on Twitter

Pasta is always the answer when you're hungry and don't know what to eat, so why should it be any different when you don't know what to be for Halloween?

This DIY foodie Halloween costume looks pretty legit and, to be honest, really delicious — which might be interesting around drunkies with the munchies.

Grab an apron and some yarn, and you're golden! As the Italians would say, mangia!

French Fries
Mia Maples on YouTube

As the saying goes, fries before guys, and everything else in life, including any other costume idea you've been mulling over.

YouTuber Mia Maples' fast food box full of paper french fries might take a little longer to DIY, but it'll all be worth it when you make every single trick-or-treater jealous of your McDonald's-inspired swag.

This video is about four minutes long, listing all of the necessary materials you'll need and taking you through the process with a detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Pineapple Princess

Tipsy Elves Pineapple Costume Dress, $58, Tipsy Elves

If you're only willing to put in the bare minimum effort for a DIY costume, I believe Tipsy Elves can be of some assistance.

No, you're not going as Spongebob's house this year (though you totally could if that's something you're into). For this easy outfit, all you'll need is this fashion-forward, fruit-inspired yellow mini, and a costume tiara to wrap around your leaves!