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TikTokers Are Making Disney-Themed Charcuterie Boards & They're Magical

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Charcuterie boards have really changed the snacking game, especially for movie night. Instead of just a bowl of popcorn, you've got to have some delicious cheeses, assorted meats, and vegetables arranged perfectly on a board as well. If you're planning on watching a Disney movie, you've got to check out these Disney-themed charcuterie board ideas. By pairing your board to your chosen film, it'll add that extra bit of pixie dust to your experience.

It can even be a subtle nod to your favorite Disney character. For instance, if Belle from Beauty and the Beast is your go-to heroine, use the flower technique to arrange your meat slices so it looks like the enchanted rose is on your board. Another subtle way to make it bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful is to use foods associated with the film, like apples (hold the poison) for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Since picking out a movie to watch on Disney+ is already hard enough — because there are so many classics — these eight Disney-themed charcuterie board ideas will make putting together your snacks easier. That way, you'll end up with a happily ever after kind of evening with a charcuterie board that will make you want to sing, "Be Our Guest."

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A 'Beauty And The Beast' Board

For a tale as old as time, put together a Beauty and the Beast-themed board. You'll definitely want to follow TikToker @mamma_titta02's flower technique using a cup or glass to create beautiful roses made of sliced meats.

You could also make it a sweet and savory board by whipping up some gray stuff mousse for dipping your raspberries and strawberries into. Before digging into your charcuterie board, make sure to snap a pic for the 'Gram, and post with a "try the gray stuff, it's delicious" caption.

Use Your Cheese To Create A Mickey Mouse

One way to easily make a Disney-themed charcuterie board is to make it shaped like Mickey Mouse. Using a Mickey Mouse cheese board ($49, Amazon) makes this super easy, but you can still do this with just a rectangular board. All you need to do is find some round cheeses like TikToker @wholesomeninja, and use those as the ears. Place a bowl with a delicious spread or hummus at the center, and you've got an adorable three circle Mickey Mouse.

Make A French Board For 'Ratatouille'

In Ratatouille, you learn that "anyone can cook," but did you know anyone can make a Ratatouille-themed charcuterie board? It's super simple to make a cheese board inspired by the Pixar film. You don't even need Remy's help. All you need to do is use French cheeses and other Parisian foods like mini croissants. You could even place an adorable Remy figurine ($27, Kozuguru) on your board like TikToker

A 'Snow White' Board With Apples

If you want to make a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-inspired board, you must have some apples. To make sure your apples are the "fairest of them all," julienne cut them into thin slices like TikToker @charcuterie.mama. That way, you can spread them out in cool shapes on your board, and easily place them on top of crackers for snacking.

A Holiday-Themed Disney Board

Whether it's the holiday season or you're just in festive mood, you can make this holiday-themed charcuterie board from the official Disney Parks TikTok. Along with some peppermint and gingerbread men, add in some Mickey-shaped Christmas cookies. This is actually the perfect board to serve while rewatching The Santa Clause during your Christmas in July festivities.

A Rainbow Breakfast Board

For a board that's vibrant AF, you must recreate this rainbow Disney breakfast charcuterie board from TikToker @annedoasdreamersdo. Using a Mickey waffle maker ($75, ShopDisney) and some food dye, make some colorful waffles to spread out in rainbow order on your board. Pair up each waffle color with a fruit that's the same color. For instance, next to your red waffles, lay out some strawberries or raspberries.

A Hidden Mickey Charcuterie Board

An easy way to make your board fun and Disney-themed is to put hidden Mickeys throughout it. TikToker @__stepho does this by cutting out little Mickeys in the cheese. Use a Mickey cookie cutter ($4, Amazon) to help you get the right shape.

A Fall-Themed Charcuterie Board

If The Nightmare Before Christmas is your favorite Disney movie, you might be inspired by this fall-themed charcuterie board. Among the fruits, nuts, and cheeses, TikToker @hearthnhoney has a pumpkin treat that you can play up on your own board for a Jack Skellington theme. You could also try out a few other Nightmare Before Christmas recipes for a sweet and savory board.