8 Date Ideas That Double As Self-Care, Because You Both Deserve To Treat Yo Selves

Everyone needs a little R&R sometimes, even lovebirds in relationships. If you and bae are overworked, unrested, spread a little too thin, or just feeling like you can't even, you might be looking for date ideas that double as self-care.

Taking care of yourself looks different for everyone. For some people, self-care means getting to the spa, exercising, slurping a green smoothie, heading out of town, sipping rosé all day, or doing literally nothing. Some like to recover on their own, while others might want to make a date out of it.

Just because you're in a relationship, that doesn't mean you don't need self-care from time to time, but it also doesn't mean you need to recover without your boo. I'm here to tell you that spending QT with your SO can totally make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever's on your plate. When you're in a relationship, especially when you get into the serious, comfy zone, dates come in all shapes and sizes. Really, though — going out for dinner and drinks is an all-time classic date for a reason, but not every one-on-one needs to follow that format.

If you're stumped on what a self-care date looks like, I've got your back. These eight date ideas double as self-care because you and partner both deserve to treat yo' selves.

Get Some Cardio In
Stocksy / Michelle Edmonds

I don't know about you, but cardio makes me feel good, and breaking a sweat with my partner can feel even better. If you're both up for it, think about getting your self-care on with a hike or cardio workout class. You might even want to sign up for a themed race, like a color run.

Go To A Comedy Club
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Whoever said laughter is the best medicine was totally right, in my opinion. Think about getting tickets to a comedy show and giggle all your cares away with bae.

Have A Picnic
Stocksy / Kate Daigneault

Picnics are excellent for self-care with your boo. Not only will you get outdoors which may make you feel refreshed after a long week of school or work, but a picnic is totally romantic, IMO.

Go Dancing

A dancing date with your partner doesn't need to be at the club (although it certainly can be). Go out dancing or get your groove on in the living room or right on the sidewalk. Do you!

Do Some Yoga
Stocksy / Marija Kovac

I hear couples who do yoga together stay together. I also heard that yoga is excellent for self-care. So, why not sign up to take a couple's yoga class with your partner or maybe even just strike some poses at home?

Get A Massage
Stocksy / Daxiao Productions

Getting a massage is kind of a no-brainer when it comes to self-care. Whether you head to a spa for a couple's massage or exchange massages at home, that sweet release of muscle tension can make you feel a whole lot better and a whole lot closer to your partner — Ahhh!

Go Shopping
Stocksy / Lumina

It's called retail therapy for a reason, guys. If you've got some extra bucks to spend, shopping is a perfect date idea that doubles as self-care. Personally, when my outfit's on fleek, I feel like I can take on the world. Just be careful not go totally nuts or max out a credit card, because that could have the opposite effect.

Binge-Watch A Show
Stocksy / Studio Firma

When you think of self-care, you might not think of being a couch potato and binge-watching an entire season of your current obsession on Netflix. But sometimes, doing nothing can be really beneficial. When your brain and body are overworked, don't feel guilty about giving them a rest — even better if you can do nothing with your babe.

Even the chillest people can benefit from self-care once in a while, and what that looks like will vary from person to person. What makes you and your partner feel good after a stressful week? Maybe it's cardio, and maybe it's just a little JOMO. Whatever it is, taking care of yourselves is an important part of adulting.