"JOMO" Is The Best Digital Vacation You Can Give Yourself & You Need It ASAP

You've likely experienced FOMO more than once. It can feel crummy when your whole friend group's organizing a fun night out, and you're not available to make the plan. But what about when you really don't mind detaching from the social scene and social media for a bit? That's called "JOMO," aka the joy of missing out. I'm not going to sit here and say I don't get drawn in when my friends upload pics from brunch, but JOMO is the best way to unplug, and you should welcome it with open arms.

Social media is fast-paced. One day, you're watching a viral video that's unpopular by the end of the week. Other times, you feel the need to post your entire day on your Insta story, because everyone else is getting a kick out of doing it. I'm not knocking the incredible things social media and the internet bring right to our fingertips, but unplugging every once in a while is so good for the soul.

Think about the days when you didn't have a smartphone in your pocket. You focused on the present moment, your passions, and were actively listening in a conversation when the person was right in front of you, not on a screen. The digital world has a way of making you feel like you're part of an entire community. It's totally great, but you also need to understand the importance of alone time, especially in your 20s. Cherishing time to yourself and embracing JOMO will have you feeling refreshed, and these eight reasons prove why.

You Can Ditch All Things Digital On Your Vacation, And Won't Miss Out On The Sweet, Little Things

Your vacation should be full of meeting new people and experiencing new places firsthand. You can't do that when you're trying to angle the perfect picture, or trying to keep up with everyone's lives back home. You don't need a tweet or a hashtag to prove that you enjoyed the tropics, and that JOMO mentality will ensure this.

You'll Have Time To Reconnect With Your Passions

Alone time allows you to engage in things that give you so much life. You don't feel pressured to give an update on what you're doing, because this little piece of pleasure is just for you. It's not selfish to dedicate some time to what you love.

You Can Actually Unwind Before Bed

Remember that one time when you checked your phone before bed and got annoyed because your friends checked out that new coffee spot without you? It messed up your whole night and really threw you off. With JOMO, you don't need to scroll before bed, and you can gracefully doze off into Dreamland.

You Can Plan A Day For Yourself, And Won't Even Think About Posting About It

I've been that person who takes pictures of their plate because it's so 'Gram-worthy. Are you truly enjoying your meal by showcasing it, though? A day to yourself without the digital world gives you so much peace of mind. You'll want to take yourself out more often.

You Can Work On Building The Life You Want Without Comparing To Others

People post their accomplishments and milestones on social media. It's amazing to see people doing well, but then you might start comparing your journey to theirs. With a little less time analyzing other people's situations, you can focus more on the life you want and how you're going to get there.

You Can Say "No" To A Plan And Won't Check Social Media To See How It's Going

JOMO involves a lot of contentment. When you have it, you don't feel guilty about saying "no" to plans you really weren't interested in doing. You also don't feel pressed to check everyone's social media to see how things are going without you. (I see you trying to creep in, FOMO, but it ain't happening.)

You Can Focus On The Joys Of Your Own Life

Your life is sprinkled with so many opportunities of happiness. They can be big or small, but one thing is for sure: When you're practicing the JOMO, you notice and are grateful for the blessings in your life. It's hard to see them when you don't take time to avert your eyes from your screen.

You Can Have Better Face-To-Face Conversations

When you have JOMO, you aren't checking your phone constantly while you're having a conversation with someone. You're attentive and listening. Whatever is happening online will be there when you're done doing what you're doing.

JOMO is that one thing you need throughout your entire life. Alone time doesn't mean you won't ever be social again — you're just changing up how you enjoy the here and now.