A woman holds her birthday cake while toasting to her friends on the computer.
These Birthday Snap Camera Filters Are Perfect For Your Virtual Party Lewk


It's your birthday, and you want to celebrate with your friends who are both near and far. With the right birthday Snap Camera filters, your Zoom hangout can turn into the ultimate virtual party. All you need to do is find the right filter for your festive vibe.

If you haven't already, download Snap Camera for your computer. Then, the next time you open Zoom, go to the video settings and choose Snap Camera as your video option. You'll then see whatever filter you've selected show up on your screen. It's that simple. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more birthday parties are happening virtually over Zoom these days. Now, you don't just have to rely on fun virtual backgrounds to make your party pop — you can use a cute filter, too.

If you're having trouble choosing, these eight birthday-themed Snap Camera filters are a good place to start. If you firmly believe a birthday party is incomplete without a cake, you'll want to use one of the filters that places some delicious cakes on your cheeks. Send your friends a party hat filter so they can all virtually dress up for your get-together. There are even Snap Camera filters that work on dogs and cats, so your furry friend can join the festivities. Whatever filter you decide to go with, make sure to grab a group screenshot to share to the 'Gram later.

Party Hat By Sávoly Dorina

This simple, but totally cute Party Hat filter does exactly what you'd think it would do. It puts a colorful party hat on your head. This is a great filter to send to all your friends when you email them the Zoom link invite. That way, they can all show up to the virtual party wearing a cute party hat, complete with confetti.

Party Hat For Pets By Mark Cherches

Snap Camera has filters for your fur babies as well. Instead of putting the filter on your face, it will find your dog or cat and put it on them. So, for a birthday party filled with people and pups, you can use the Party Hat for pets filter to put an adorable virtual accessory on your pooch.

Cake By Jai Ram

If your fave part about birthdays is the cake, you'll want to use this sweet Cake filter. Instead of finishing off your birthday lewk with pink blush, wear this filter that places a cute little birthday cake on each one of your cheeks.

bday By αυsτėjα

No decorations? No problem! If you don't have streamers or a banner lying around your home, simply use a Snap Camera filter to add decor to your virtual party. This bday filter not only adds a cute "Happy Birthday" banner to the top of your screen, but will put chocolate cake on your cheeks, too.

Christmas Presents By EMGARBER

If your computer can't handle virtual backgrounds on Zoom, Snap Camera can help you out. Along with filters that add hats to your head and cakes to your cheeks, Snap Camera also has fun backgrounds like this presents filter. This is a motion background that has presents on presents on presents.

birthday By Isaiah Matheson

A party hat, sunglasses, confetti, and a balloon will totally complete the virtual birthday vibe you're going for. This birthday filter gives you all of that in one. In no time, you'll be looking cool in your party shades with all the birthday essentials for an adorable b-day selfie.

Birthday Party By Andres

You're the birthday queen. So naturally, you deserve a crown. Though, what if instead of jewels, your crown was made of birthday smiley face emojis? It sounds adorable and totally achievable with this Birthday Party filter. It instantly adds a crown of birthday emojis to your head.

fireworks By anika yerra

A celebration like your birthday deserves some fireworks. Put on a show with a fireworks filter that has a bunch of colorful bursts going off in the background. This is perfect for when you want to turn your virtual birthday into a dance party.