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30 IG Story Captions For Your Birthday To Sprinkle In With The Festivities


On your birthday, you may expect several things: cake, presents, and to be showered with love all day long on social media. While you may be getting some Facebook posts and Snapchats from your besties, you know Instagram is where most of your love will be coming from. Your BFFs will be posting pics of you together, and you'll want to share those heartfelt messages. So, having some Instagram Story captions for your birthday is absolutely necessary.

Almost any post you get tagged in on your birthday can be shared to your IG Story for your people to see. Add a little caption to show your birthday vibes are going strong. Along with your shared posts, you can also document your day on your Story, and use any of these 30 birthday captions for extra flair. Post the minute they bring out your cake when you blow out your candles, and the group selfie of your loved ones around you.

Since it's your big day, you don't want to put a pause on the party. That's why having some captions ready to go is the way to do it. That way, you can get back to snapping selfies with your BFFs, capturing dancing Boomerangs, and using the sparkliest filters that were made for a birthday queen like yourself.

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1. "On this day, a queen was born, and that queen is me."

2. "If there's no cake involved, was it really your birthday?"

3. "Is it just me, or did the sun shine a little brighter just for me today?"

4. "I've decided to make the years count instead of counting the years."

5. "Does this filter make me look like a birthday queen?"

6. "This is what I like to call a birthday Boomerang."

7. "Welcome to my virtual birthday party!"

8. "Felt cute. Remembered it was my birthday and felt even cuter."

9. "What present did you get me for my birthday? Comment below."

10. "It's my party and I'll 'Gram if I want to."

11. "I've got that birthday glow going on."

12. "Can't wait for my next trip around the sun."

13. "I love birthday parties, but only when they're mine."

14. "Having an [egg emoji]-cellent birthday."

15. "The birthday vibes are strong."


16. "Keeping it real since [your birthday year]."

17. "Today, my name has legally been changed to birthday girl. Please address me like so. Thanks!"

18. "You want a piece of this? [birthday cake emoji]."

19. "Here's to another year of laughing together with my besties."

20. "Just checking in to let you know the birthday status is still [fire emojis]."

21. "Here's a gift of a selfie from me to you."

22. "Having brunches of fun with you."

23. "If you're reading this, it's my birthday."

24. "New birthday outfit, who dis?"

25. "I wanted to shine brighter than the candles on my birthday cake. I think I succeeded"

26. "I don't know why they haven't made today a national holiday in my honor."

27. "What does the girl who already has everything she could ever want wish for on her birthday? Seriously though, what do I wish for?"

28. "Hello birthday cake, I will never dessert you."

29. "I'm wearing the smile you gave me, birthday cake."

30. "Sprinkling my birthday with fun and laughter."