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30 Captions For Winter Birthday Party Pics That Are Snow Cute


It's your birthday — and you know what that means? It's time to break out the glitter and confetti cake. With your birthday being in the midst of the holiday season, everyone's already in party mode. So when you're heading out on the big day, be sure to bring along your Polaroid camera and cute captions for all of the winter birthday party pics you're going to capture.

If you love celebrating to the max, having a big bash on the day of will be necessary. Being a winter baby, you may incorporate the festivities this time of year has to offer into your celebration. That may mean having an ugly holiday sweater party, complete with eggnog and gingerbread cookies. Tell your friends to come dressed in their most festive garb, and set up a photo booth to make sure all the pics are taken.

You may also want to have a snow-themed celebration with your closest crew and head to the nearest mountain for a weekend full of fun. You can go tubing, ice skating, and skiing. Use any of these 30 winter birthday party captions to post those adorable snaps. Then, get right back to the party, because you should never leave a party waiting.


1. "Walking in my birthday wonderland."

2. "Deck the halls, because it's my birthday."

3. "On my birthday, I sleigh."

4. "Dear, Santa. It's my birthday, so I'm automatically on the nice list."

5. "There's snow way I'm letting the weather affect my birthday."

6. "It's always chill on my birthday."

7. "Thank you snow much for coming to my birthday party."

8. "Rockin' around the confetti cake."

9. "Thanks for making my birthday winter wonderful."

10. "It's my party, so let it snow."

11. "Drinking some par-tea."

12. "Dashing through the birthday party to the cake."

13. "All I want for my birthday is you."

14. "Happy cake-eating day!"

15. "Using my birthday candles to warm up."

16. "Having a tree-mendous birthday party."

17. "Wishing you a birthday party that's s'more fun than you expected."


18. "It's beginning to look a lot like my birthday."

19. "Birthday girl is coming to town!"

20. "For my birthday, I'm hoping for sweater weather."

21. "The cold never bothered me anyway." — Frozen

22. "Who wants an elfie with the birthday girl?"

23. "May the fork be with you, because here comes the cake."

24. "I plan on sparkling more than the Times Square NYE ball on my birthday."

25. "Wishing the warmest of wishes on your birthday, because it's cold AF outside."

26. "I plan on glowing brighter than the Christmas lights on my birthday."

27. "No need for a star on top of your Christmas tree, because the birthday girl is here."

28. "I plan on having more confetti at my party than any NYE celebration this year."

29. "Let's dance into the new year."

30. "Oh deer, it's my birthday again."