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These At-Home Birthday Ideas For Virgos Will Make You Feel Peachy Keen

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Kicking your feet up at home may not seem like the most exciting type of birthday at first glance. But, Virgo, hear us out. You work so hard. You turn your dreams into reality, and start most days jotting down to-do lists or double-checking your planner. It's #necessary to give yourself a day to relax, play, and recreate these clever at-home birthday ideas for Virgos. Each will leave you feeling peachy keen, because they're specifically for your star sign.

It's your season now, and all of the planets and constellations are aligning for you. From August 23 to September 22, you may feel more in sync with the universe and the people you care about. You may jump out of bed with extra energy every morning, and bring attention to your goals, life, and even the amazing meals you make throughout the week.

Typically, you'd rather work your magic from behind the scenes and not in the spotlight. But this season is your time to shine. It always brings out something fresh and exciting in you and serves as a time to reflect on what makes you such a thoughtful, inspiring, bold, and ambitious human. That's why, even if you're just kicking it at home, you should celebrate your birthday by recreating one of these ideas.

Prepare Your Own Açaï Or Smoothie Bowl
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Make your own açaï or smoothie bowl at home with the freshest ingredients you can find at a local grocery store. This meal isn't just an Instagram trend or dish you can order while on vacation; it's actually pretty simple to put together for yourself.

Gather up your favorite berries, granola, coconut flakes, and your go-to Greek yogurt. Follow along with a smoothie bowl tutorial that will lay out the steps and help you create your very own. Once you've made your meal, stick a candle in the mixture, make a wish in the spirit of your birthday, and post the sweetest pic of yourself enjoying your creation.

Plan A Photo Shoot With Your Pet

Virgos tend to have a sweet spot in their heart for animals. And that's why you should have a photo shoot with your loving dog, or playful cat. To do this, you can set up an IG backdrop with a white sheet and metal stand in your backyard, and then place a camera or phone on a tripod. You can pose while sitting on a wooden stool or giving your pet a yummy treat.

If you want to take this photo shoot to the next level, consider wearing matching outfits with your fur baby or surrounding yourself with fun props such as balloons, confetti, or colored fairy lights. Post the pictures you capture on social media so the world can see how you're celebrating.

Cozy Up In A Hammock With A Good Book

Take some quiet time for yourself on your birthday and chill in a hammock with a good book. In fact, for a Virgo, it may be the most ideal type of celebration. You tend to adore "me" time, and always have a stack of books you want to tackle throughout the year.

Kicking off your next lap around the sun with fresh air, a sweet drink, and a captivating story, like Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid or Untamed by Glennon Doyle, will leave you feeling refreshed. If you choose to celebrate your birthday this way, you can top off the experience with s'mores, stargazing, or a chill playlist.

Freshen Up Your Favorite Rooms For A New Year, New You

For most star signs, the idea of cleaning and reorganizing their home on their birthday would be entered under "no, thanks." If you're a Virgo, though, it sounds like a dream. You have likely gone thrifting a few times in the past month and pictured what it would be like to move your couch, bed, or kitchen table.

On your birthday, turn those dreams into a reality and entirely re-do your favorite rooms. Give your space the refresh it wants and make sure to vacuum now-empty floor space, wipe down thrifted vases and bookshelves, and style cabinets so that they look cute and are practical. Vlog the whole experience so you are able to look back on it during a future birthday celebration.

Treat Yourself To A Virtual Cooking Class For Dinner
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Attending a cooking class may be on your bucket list, Virgo. You may have dreamed about making fresh gnocchi in Italy or paella in Spain. But, being a student in a virtual cooking class on your birthday can be just as delicious and rewarding. It will teach you new skills in the kitchen and give you ideas for a few recipes. Not to mention, it'll give you something tasty to enjoy with the person you love, a roommate, or your family who've tuned into your mealtime via FaceTime or Zoom.

Create A Mood Board In Your Backyard

When it comes to your future, you may have a lot of plans laid out. You may know what type of wedding you want, and where you hope to be in five years. Take those plans out of your thoughts and onto an artsy mood board in celebration of your birthday. Clip photos out of travel magazines of places you want to visit, and pin quotes to a cork board that inspire and motivate you.

After you feel satisfied with your creation, hang it up, either in your bedroom or your home office. Put it in a place where you will always reflect upon it.

Put Together Terrariums

Serving others is your forte, Virgo, and it fills your heart when you can make someone's day with a joke, gift, or helping hand. Put your talents to work on your birthday and arrange terrariums for yourself and your BFFs.

Choose your favorite succulents, rocks, and glass containers, and spend the afternoon crafting away on your kitchen table. Dropping them off at your friends' apartments with cute notes will pass along good vibes on your special day.

Cloud Gaze While Listening To A Podcast
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Last but not least, make the decision to chill on your birthday and listen to a podcast while laying in the grass. Pick out one that makes you think, but isn't so demanding that you're super distracted from the clouds passing by in the sky and the beautiful nature around you.

Watching clouds pass by will likely make you feel peachy keen. It'll calm your hardworking soul. If you'd like to add to this experience, pick flowers for a bouquet after gazing at the clouds. It'll make for a birthday well-spent.