'Shadow And Bone'-Inspired Group Chat Names

76 'Shadow And Bone'-Inspired Group Chat Names For Your Crow Club Crew


Ever since you finished marathoning Netflix's Shadow and Bone, your group chat has been nonstop texting each other back and forth. You keep getting notifications as your besties send you different LOL-worthy memes and fandom TikToks. One of you may even be in the middle of a rewatch, and needing to keep the rest of the crew updated on your thoughts. To stay on the theme of your latest discussions, you need some Shadow and Bone-inspired group chat names to give your convo the upgrade it deserves.

Whether you and your friends have been besties since you were kids like Mal and Alina or you're a ride-or-die crew like Kaz, Inej, and Jesper, a group chat is a must. Furthermore, no group chat is complete without a fun name, so it just makes sense that you would give your Shadow and Bone-loving friends a group chat name worthy of the Grishaverse. Since the Netflix show covers not only Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone book trilogy, but the Six of Crows duology as well, there are a lot of references to pull from.

Go with a bold Nina line from the series if your friend group is full of sassiness or something heartfelt like Mal's letters to Alina for a crew that truly cares for one another. There's even a vast Grishaverse glossary of words you could adapt for your chat. All you need to do is send this list of 76 Shadow and Bone group chat names to your friends now, and see which one sticks out as a fave.

  1. The Ravkans
  2. Enter The Fold
  3. Darkling Darlings
  4. Malina Shippers
  5. Team Darklina
  6. The Six Of Crows
  7. Going Stag
  8. We Are Mapmakers
  9. Miserable Lumps Of Muscle
  10. The Mals To My Alina
  11. My True North
  12. Blue Irises Only
  13. My Amplifiers
  14. Heartrenders
  15. Oh, For Saints' Sake — Nina
  16. The Mighty Fjerdan
  17. Nina And Matthias Forever
  18. Love A Waffle Lot
  19. Sun Summoners
  20. Into The Grishaverse
  21. Heart Brekkers
  22. My Witches
  23. The Dregs
  24. Ketterdam Crew
  25. Hug The Goat — The Conductor
  26. Beware The Volcra
  27. My Healers
  28. My Corporalki Crew
  29. Drüskelle Dudes
  30. We Are Grisha
  31. Fine, Make Me Your Villain — The Darkling
  32. I'll Always Find You — Mal
  33. The Etherealki
  34. Second Army Brats
  35. Emotional Support Goats
  36. Jesper Forever
  37. On Wednesdays, We Wear Blue Kefta
  38. I See You Now — Mal
  39. Orphans Of Keramzin — The Darkling
  40. Oh Really Doe
  41. Meet Me In The Meadow — Mal
  42. Little Palace Guests
  43. Ketterdam Right
  44. Order Of Fabrikators
  45. Stag Party
  46. Jes Has A Point — Inej
  47. Follow — The Darkling
  48. Shadow Folders
  49. Tracking It Down
  50. Pen Pals
  51. Feeling Fold
  52. Sandskiff Sailing
  53. Just A Bunch Of Heretics
  54. Malina > Darklina
  55. Here Comes The Sun — The Beatles, "Here Comes The Sun"
  56. It's Only Your Shadow — Britney Spears, "Shadow"
  57. First Army Is The Worst, Second Army Is The Best
  58. We Are Otkazat’sya
  59. Dregs’s Crow Club
  60. It's Suli, For Friendship — Jesper
  61. Just Ask — Jesper
  62. I Heartrender You
  63. You Light Up My Life — Debby Boone, "You Light Up My Life"
  64. Hanging Witch You
  65. Witch Way To Fjerda
  66. Shadow And Bone Appetit
  67. The Sun To My Shadow
  68. Taking Over Ravka
  69. Summoning Some Fun
  70. Ketterdam Good Looking
  71. We'd Rather Be In Os Alta
  72. Materialki Mates
  73. Kerch Klub
  74. You Can't Summon With Us
  75. Order Of Summoners
  76. Water You Up To, Tidemakers