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75 Group Chat Names For Your Mom & Sister Convos That Spill The Afternoon Tea

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Group chats are everything when it comes to family and for spilling the tea, of course. The two members of your fam you solve the problems of the world with every day are probably your mom and your sister. Together, you stay on top of every update, which is why it's time to choose from these group chat names for your mom and sister convos to make your gossip sessions official. A generic name just won't cut it, so it's time to give your main chat something really special.

While you do use your mom and sister group chat for the typical checking in texts and sending family photos, it's mainly used for all the scoop that needs to be addressed. How else are you supposed to know the status of your cousin's relationship or when your favorite aunt got a brand new puppy? These are important details that can only be delivered to you through your group chat.

It's time to give your main chicks a fun title, like any of these 75 mom and sis group chat names. Go with something sweet or a reference to your fave movie. If you're having a hard time choosing, a pun is always a great choice. Once you decide on a name, you'll be ready to go back to sippin' and spillin' the hot tea with your favorite ladies.

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1. Got It From Our Mama

2. We Are Family — Sister Sledge, "We Are Family"

3. My Gene Pool

4. Afternoon Tea

5. It's Always A Par-Tea

6. Ya'll Look Familiar

7. Like Mother Like Daughters

8. XOXO Gossip Girls

9. What's The Tea?

10. Sips Tea

11. Spilled Tea Here

12. Best-Teas

13. Full House

14. Mama's Girls

15. My Roll Models [bread emoji]

16. Wine Not?

17. And That's The Family Tea

18. Quali-Tea Time

19. Pour The Tea

20. Get The Par-Tea Started

21. My Brewtiful Family

22. Feeling Chat-Tea

23. [doughnut emoji] Know What I'd Do Without

24. My Favorite Squad

25. Family Heirlooms

26. My Tea Biscuits

27. Fam First

28. That's My Jam

29. Pass The Clotted Cream

30. No Diving In The Gene Pool

31. Family Ties

32. Modern Family

33. Tea Party

34. Tea's Hot

35. Chai Love You

36. Friends For A Oolong Time

37. My Cup Of Tea

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38. Love From My Head Tomatoes

39. Ex-Straw-Dinary Family

40. Grape Job Raisin Us

41. The Furry Best Fam

42. Olive You

43. Grapeful For My Fam

44. Muffin Compares To You

45. We Are Royal-Tea

46. Just Being Honest

47. Family Bulletin Board

48. Family Newsletter

49. The Hot Goss

50. Nacho Average Family

51. Tea-Riffic Family

52. Mean A Latte To Me

53. The Chamber Of Secrets

54. The Dream Team

55. We Talk A Latte

56. Family Time

57. Calling A Family Meeting

58. The Circle Of Trust

59. You Can't Text With Us

60. My People

61. Tea Time

62. Always Got Thyme For You

63. Where To Send My Christmas Wish List

64. What's The WiFi?

65. Is That My Sweater?

66. Honest-Tea Is The Best Policy

67. Miss You A Waffle Lot

68. Everything's Butter With You

69. You Sweater Believe It

70. What's For Dinner?

71. A Virtual Hug

72. Happiness Begins Here

73. A Cup Of Tea

74. All You Knead Is Loaf

75. We Ain't Lion