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70 Funny Group Chat Names For Couples Who Love To Chat On The Reg

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When you're in a relationship, you're so connected that you likely share so much scoop with each other throughout the day. From sending memes and sweet messages, to coordinating double dates with your favorite couple, it can be hard to find specific details when scrolling through the long convo you have with bae. That’s why you might want to start a separate group chat, so you can text your favorite couple and make plans all in one place. Your convo will need an official name, and these funny group chat names for couples will do the trick.

Since you and your SO are always laughing with your fave couple, you might want to choose a silly chat name. Go with something punny like “Quite Fondue Of This Crew.” Or, you may find a group chat name that simply works for four people, such as “Fantastic Four.” If you need some inspiration, here are 70 funny group chat names for couples you can choose from.

Once you have the perfect name selected, you can easily plan a virtual game night or settle the debate on which movie to watch during your next virtual Netflix Friday. Be sure to send a hilarious meme to welcome the funny group chat name into the convo.

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1. Like A Waffle Lot

2. Cool Whips

3. Guac And Roll

4. Berry Cool Crew

5. Tea-riffic Baes

6. The Perfect Matches [Fire Emoji]

7. Brewtiful Crew

8. Tweethearts Only

9. My Favorite Human Beans

10. We've Fallen [Leaf Emoji]

11. Stud Muffins

12. Gouda Couples

13. One In A Melon Crew

14. Loaf Is All Around

15. Boo'd Up

16. Lime Yours

17. We Need A Game Night

18. Just Our Types

19. Muffin Compares To This Crew

20. Real Cheesy Friends

21. Only Gouda Times

22. Checkmates

23. Fabulous Four

24. Quite Fondue Of This Crew

25. No Bad Apples

26. Snow Laughing Matter

27. A-maize-ing Couples

28. Nice Pears

29. All You Knead Is Love

30. Lava In Here

31. Birds Of A Feather

32. Mermaid To Be Friends

33. Purr-fect Pairs

34. Flamin-good Couples

35. Pear-fect Couples

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36. Flantastic Fun

37. Puddin’ Up With Us

38. Funny Hunnies

39. Don't Kale Our Vibe

40. Love So Mochi

41. S'More Love

42. Significant Otters

43. Ghouls And Boos

44. The Kiwi To Our Hearts

45. Owl You Need Is Love

46. Big Dill Couples

47. Love This Crew A Latte

48. On Fridays We Netflix

49. Cerealsly The Best

50. Love From Head Tomatoes

51. Mint To Be

52. Butter Halves

53. Fantastic Four

54. Ketchup With Couples

55. The Hoppy Couples

56. Double Trouble

57. Numbers One Through Four

58. Together Furever

59. You Can’t Text With Us

60. The Bee's Knees

61. Fur Real Friends

62. Couple Up

63. We've Got Bae-con

64. Couple Priorities

65. We Bee-long Together

66. Netflix And Chillin’

67. Toast To Us

68. Spill The Four Teacups

69. We Take The Cake

70. The Fun Crew

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